Chilled Wintery Outfit of The Day

Outfit Details 

Jumper- New Look
Jeans- Topshop
Coat - Oasis (brought from ASOS)

Hope you don't mind the quick little post today!! 

Much Love 




Radiant Moments | Elemis Skin Care

I have always been a massive skin care freak, I could spend all day trying new products. I just love it. When I recently went away for my weekend away, I just had to have a facial and try out some of the elemis products. Elemis is always a brand that I read lots about and hear so many people loving it but never tried until now. 

When I was away I had the Elemis Tri-enzime resurfacing facial and loved it! All the produces just smell amazing, on the way out i decided to pick up a skin care set. I picked ups the Radiant Moments Normal/Combination. 

In this kit you get a cleanser, day cream, night cream and also a mask. I think those four are perfect if you traveling and need a little kit to take with you. Or even for a christmas gift. 

The four products in this kit are designed to work with each other to create the best outcome for you skin. Starting with the cleanser; New White Brightening Even Tone Cleanser 'this brightening,foaming cleanser gently removes impurities, reduces the apperaicne of excess oil to reveal super-clean and mattered completion'This is a gorgeous cleanser and I will most like get the full size when I've used up all the sample in this kit. 

Hydra-balance Day Cream ' This is an ultra-light, antioxidant rich day cream which helps provides hydration and help balance norm lot combination skin. Hyaluronic acid locks in moisture, while Meadowsweet extracts regulates oil production' I must say this day moistuirse is a lot heavier then I am used to and i was slightly worried it may course my make up to slip throughout the day. I can assure you it didn't - bonus!! 

Hydra-Nourish Night Cream 'This antioxidant rich night cream helps prevent moisture loss and works to nourish and de-stress tried skin. Hyaluronic Acid provide regular hydration and by moving skin is left feeling replenished' Again I can't not fault this product at all. Gorgeous and silky to apply and smells gorgeous. 

Lastly Herbal Lavender Repair Mask 'This skin balancing and calming mask is ideal for sensitive, blemish prone skin. The mask deeply cleanses, rebalanced and nourishes' With this mask I have found that you do get a slight tingling which they do warn you out on the packaging. For a mask I'm not too sure if it does wonders. 

Overall I do love this little kit. I think its perfect for someone who is always on the go, loves their skin care or even for a little treat for yourself! 

Much Love 



November Favorites

The countdown for Christmas has started and I can honestly say I am just so so excited! To get it all started I have a favourites for you, there are only a few ned things that I have been loving this month, as most of my core favourites are very much the same. 

The Body Shop Instablur Primer. Over the last 6 months I must have got through about 2 tubes of this stuff. I love it, its very much become a staple in my core foundation base routine and I don't think I could live without it! I have just finished my last tube so if you have any primers that you love let me know as I'm always looking for new ones! 

Anther item from The Body Shop is their advent calendar, I have been posting this on my social media as I'm just so excited to have my hands on one this year after missing out last year. I love the excited of getting a new sample product each day!! 

For me, my skin care doesn't really change. I rarely try out new products and brands. However after stumbling over Elemis that has very truly changed. I love been loving there products over the month of November. Their products smell gorgeous, they apply nicely to the skin. I may do a full run down on what products I have and how I use them on a future post. 

Last favourite of the month is a hand cream, I always seem to have a hand cream on me whether I'm in the car, on the go or at my desk. Over the last part of this month I have been getting really dry almost cracked skin over my knuckles, Im not sure what could be the cause of this. After talking to mum about it she recommend the E45 range, so I hoped into boots and picked up the intense recovery for very dry skin. It has no smell to it and so far its looking good!

Just a few favourites this months, but sure I will have a fully packed favourites next month! Im trying to be more regular with my posting, so a new post will be going up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until Christmas.

Much Love 



Reindeers and Fairy lights

If you follow me on any social media that you will know that I have been away for the weekend. We decided to have a little family break before all the manic of Christmas begins. Honestly I didn't take that many photos during the trip, as you could have seen them in last years post. However on the last morning just before we were about to head off, we did some shopping and visited the village square. For the first time that trip I couldn't put my camera down, so to get us in the Christmas sprit, I'm going to share with you some of the gorgeous christmassy photos from that morning. 

Much Love 



The Autumn Detox

I've been on a bit of a mind and body cleanse over the last part of November. I think most of it is just trying to get organised for the madness of Christmas, which is literally around the corner. I have been doing a few things to just help me ease into all the madness a little easier. 

Starting with the mind, I always feels like my mind is racing whether is with blog idea, christmas idea, anything, you name it I'm properly thinking it. To help with this I've been trying to write as much of this down as I possibly can, so notebooks have been a massive part of my life. I used to just have one or a few for everything, however I found that this just wasn't working for me so now I have blog note book, a work one and also one for personal life as well. This has really helped me declutter all those random thoughts. 

Photo from Pinterest.

Another thing I've been doing to really help to just chill, is taking some time of out for myself. I literally mean turning all electrical items off and do something that doesn't involve looking at a screen. For me I've been either reading or using the adult colouring books, I find that both of these really to help you to shut off even if it is just for 5-15 minutes. 

Moving more onto body, upping my water intake has been a must for me. I barely touch liquids throughout the day ( I know its bad) and I really do suffer. To help with this I will now carry around the little 1lr bottles in my bag. Once I get through it I will re-fill and try and drink another, honestly I properly get through 1lr and a half a day and this is very much a work on progress! 

Something very different for me to have tried are these detox tea. You see them posted everywhere from social media, to adverts, they just seem to be everywhere. I have always been very curious to know a few things: do they actually work? how will they affect me? can i lose the bloated feeling? A few weeks ago I took the plunge and got myself some of the Bootea 14 days detox tea. A little run down of this brand, you get a day time tea and a night time tea which you drink very other day. The night time tea is a laxative, so its basically designed to help flush out toxins. I got on pretty well with it, I did get the few stomach aches but that was mostly because I needed to go to the bathroom. After finishing the 14 days, I do feel less bloated and have lost about half a stone but it didn't give me more energy and my skin also didn't clear up. I would 100% recommend it and would use it again. 

I've really found the few things in this post really helpful in allowing me to just chill and relax. 

Do you have anything you like to do? 

Much love



Aussie Hair

I've always loved Aussie. The way it leaves my hair feeling and smelling is beyond gorgeous. 

Of course when I noticed Boots had a offer on, I knew I had to stock up. I also picked a few new bits up as well. 

Unfortunately, i'm not a natural blonde. My poor hair has to go through highlighting and a lot of heat. I need products that are going to protect my hair, nourish and just make it easier to get a comb through! 

The shampoo and conditioner is a re-purchase. I love love love this combo, they work perfectly. They really do nourish and hydrate, perfect if you do colour your hair or use a lot of heat. I normally get the smaller bottles, as the bigger bottles don't fit in my shower, however boots were doing 2 for £9 on the 500ml so of course I had to get them. 

Moving onto styling and finishing products. As my hairs getting longer, I've found it can get very tangled throughout the day. I noticed Aussie has a product which seems perfect. Miracle Recharge Luscious Long Conditioning Spray, so fingers crossed this will work. 

For a finishing product, I picked up their hairspray, mostly because it smells gorgeous!! 

Both of these products were on 2 for £6. Overall a bargain for such gorgeous products! 

Much Love 



The Perfect Key Winter Items

There is something about the Winter that I love; whether its the cosy jumpers, open fires and fairy lights! I just love that the days are now shorter, and we can properly get all wrapped up in layers and fur. Over the last couple of weeks, I've been building up my winter wardrobe and I wanted to share with you some of my personal key items I feel needs to be in everyones! 

Cosy warm jumpers, you can find these in every single shop at the moment. I personally love Topshop, New Look and H&M jumpers. They are all gorgeously soft and cosy. You can pair a perfect cosy jumper with jeans and boots, just gorgeous for an winter walk! 

Black knee high boots/riding boots. I had a pair of chelsea boots last year which i do still love for this year however after a while they started to hurt my feet. This year i  just loved the idea of cosy jumpers, jeans and black boots. I looked everywhere for a pair that i loved and finally found some from Pull&Bear a perfect size and price.

Accessorises, you can never have enough bags, hats or jewellery no matter what dad tries to tell me. After splurging out on a gorgeous Ted Baker cape, I needed a nice burgundy bag. I really didn't want to spend a lot on this and once again H&M didn't let me down. They always have gorgeous bags that look experience but are only £29.99!  Moving onto hats I love the black fennel floppy hats these are gorgeous all year around and dress up and outfit perfectly during the colder months!

Those are just a few of my perfect key Winter item...what are yours? 

Much Love 



Prairie Pizzazz | Enchanted Edition

Once again another gorgeous parcel fell though the letter box a couple weeks ago, and very unexpected. I knew it was on its way but it arrived much sooner then I thought, if you haven't guesses already (well the tile does give it away) it was another gorgeous box from Prairie Charms. I have been working along side them and other bloggers on a few of these boxes. I can not say enough good things about them as a company and the quality of each and every item in the boxes. 

Throughout this box there is a very enchanted theme, lots of dark purples, textures, glitter and pumpkin scents. I know I say this about every box but I think this one is my favourite so far. 

First of all there was a little thank you note inside from Prairie Charms, which was such a lovely little add. Moving onto the items in the box starting with The Sweet Hostess Sugar Sticks, this is from a company that Prairie Charms have worked with. These sugar sticks are hugely popular in the USA. They can be eaten straight off of the stick or added to hot drinks, cocktails or soft drinks. They do also come in different flavours. Do check out their website, to see all the gorgeously sweet items they have. 

Onto to things from Prairie Charms themselves. Stating with cute little hair items, I love love love the hair products that they do. The bows are by far my favourite and I was so happy to see the Luna Leatherette Hair Bow, this is the most gorgeous metallic purple material. Another purple hair item, Seraphina Velvet Knot Wrap and also Anya Butterfly Head Band Duo both of these are perfect for cute little nights in or for just adding something different to a look. Aside from the bows, I also love the Knot Ties Pack, these contain no metal so they don't damage your hair. Plus the colours are just gorgeous. 

Within this box there was also a few lovely jewellery pieces. Prairie Charms do some gorgeous quirky items. In the box contains Hermonie Wand Necklace, Solace Midi Ring and Pandora Evil Eye Bracelet all three are lovely lovely pieces. 

Two non beauty bites were also in the box to tie it all together. Firstly the most amazingly autumnal smelly candles I have ever smelt. The scent of these is a very sweet spiced pumpkin, to me they are the scent of autumn. The last item in the box is this gorgeous Rosalie Quote Card which says 'she believed she could so she did' I think I'm going to get a lovely frame and place it on my desk.

Once again another gorgeous box from Prairie Charms!! Do check them out if you haven't already and do let me know if you do purchase anything. 

Much Love



Perfect Home Manicure

One of my favourite things to do is get a manicure. There is just something about getting your nails done can just perk you up if your having a bad day or just fancy some TLC. We hold a lot of stress in our hands and are normally one thing we don't think about. 

Today I thought I would share with you, how i take some time out and do the perfect home manicure using some of my favourite nails products!! 

To start i will remove any traces of nail polish that may still be on my nails from the last manicure. I will then just file and shape my nails on both hands.

 Once they are all nice shaped i will apply some cuticle oil and cuticle softer to one hand at a time. When these products are on one hand i will just place the tips of my fingers into warm water and again this will help the products to soften any tough cuticles. Take this hand out after a couple of minutes, dry and repeat with the other. These products will help soften the cuticles allowing you to be able to push them back without scratching the nail plate. 

When both hands are out and dry, I will start to push back my cuticles. To do this I will use a metal hoof stick and nippers ( you can find both in boots, superdrug) Using circle movements, circle the metal hoof stick pushing back any excess cuticle that may be sitting on the nail plate. Do be careful not to be push too hard. Again repeat on other nail, when they are all pushed back, you can nip off any white cuticle that you can see sticking up. This is dead skin so if there is none please don't nip! 

With the prep all done, I like to spend longer on the prep, you can go ahead with painting. 

I will always start with a base coat. The one I'm loving is the OPI Start to Finish this product is a nail strengther, base and top coat so perfect for travelling with or if you just don't want to spend the money on 3 different products. I will start with Start to Finish, I do two coats on each nail on all 10 fingers. Once all 10 have been done I will go ahead with the colour, I have been lovely the more natural colours for autumn on the fingers. Again i will do two coats on all 10 fingers. If you feel like you will need a third coat then do, just make sure you are doing 3 thin coats rather then 2 think coats as it will just help last a longer and reduce chipping. To finish apply a top coat, this will help seal everything in and also give a gorgeous gloss. 

Once i am happy with the paint I will always just apply some quick dry drop, all these do is just steal the top coat making them touch dry in minutes, however they will be fully dry in 1-3 hours depending on what nails brand you will using. I would also just avoid doing anything for about a hour. 

Much Love 



A Walk Through Wonderland

As some of you would be aware, I was away last week on a little family trip to Yorkshire Dales. On the first full day we had we went for a little walk around Ingonlton waterfall. The village was gorgeous, a sweet little village with your old fashioned street shops and a good pub. 

The waterfalls themselves were gorgeous. What made it even more amazing was the colour spectrum, everywhere you looked you had the rusty orange, burnt yellow and gorgeous neon green. 

Of course I had to share some of the gorgeous photography that I managed to take on the day. I hope you enjoy. 

Much love



Autumnal Nails

As we all are very aware I love autumn and winter. I can not get enough of all the gorgeous colours, whether its the colour of the leaves, cosy jumpers or polishes. Normally every autumn I will get all my darker polishes out and have a field day, however this year as been slightly different. I have fallen in love with the neutrals. 

Today I thought I would just share with you some of my favourite colours, most of them are from OPI as i just love the brand and the finish is gorgeous. 

From more of the neutrals side of things I love, Just Lanai-ing Around and Tickle Me France-y from OPI and Violet Pastels from Orly.

From more of the darker side I love New York State of Mind from Morgan Taylor, Black Cherry Chutney and Got The Blues For Red from OPI and lastly Royal Red from Jessica.

 I love every single one of theses, and they just look gorgeous in Autumn/ Winter. 

Much Love 



Neal's Yard Haul & Mini Review

I have always wandered past Neal's Yard, loving the appearance and packaging yet I've never actually gone in and purchased anything. 

Until a few days ago, I had ran out of nearly all my skin care at once - typical! Being on the search for some new skin care products to try and I thought it was only fate for me to have a look in Neal's Yard. And I was impressed!! 

I was left alone to browse for a little while, before a lovely lady came up and asked if i needed any help. To which I explained I was looking for a day and night cream. She asked the usual questions ( skin type, main concerns) to I replied with no main concerns a few breakouts on jaw line. I really like how she listened me to and actually got a feel to what I really needed rather then just selling me anything. She also told me that the breakouts on my jaw are linked to kidneys so increasing my water intake would be half the battle with them!! 

She talked me through a day cream first which is the Rose & Mellow Moisturiser.  This is a cooling, restorative rose balances the complexion while mellow and almond soften and smooth for radiant skin. This retails at £22.00

Ive been using this for the last couple of days and so far I'm really liking it, it absorbs well into the skin considering it is quite think. Make up also applies better as well. 

For a night cream she recommended the Rose & Almond. Suitable for all skin types, to restore skin's natural balance and encourage daily regeneration. This is slightly lighter moisturiser, again I love this product! This retails at £21.50

Both products should last me about 3 months as only a pea size amount is needed. I would really recommend everyone to go in and have a look. The products are all gorgeous!! 

Much Love 



Dolly BowBow Autumn Box

I have always loved the Youtube Kate Murnane aka DollyBowBow. If you haven't already go and check her channel out, she also has a gorgeous blog. Along side being a YouTuber, Blogger and Mum she has the most gorgeous jewellery shop as well. Ive always looked from a distance, Im not a massive jewellery person so never purchased anything, however a few months ago Kate launch Dolly Boxes. The idea of these are, 4 items are selected from rings, bracelets, necklaces from gold and sliver pieces. Inside the box as well there is a statement necklace. The items inside the box are all a surprises, which I love the concept off. Beginning of this month I treated myself to one and I am over excited and amazed with not only the service but also the pieces inside! 

 The box gets delivered through your letter box. Once you open the postage package, this gorgeous cardboard box with a little white bow falls out. I absolutely loved this packaging, so simple and elegant which, to me, is what Dolly BowBow is! 

Opening up the box you come across and little card inside. This talks through the pieces in side the box, for me it felt very personal and I liked that. On the other side is a gorgeous quote in gold which read 'Happiness is a Journey, not a Destination' another gorgeous touch. 

Opening up the pink tissue paper, you come across 4 white pouches. I love the detail and thought that gets put into get box. Inside each of the 4 pouches are the jewellery, I love that you can keep and store the pieces in the white pouches! 

 The first piece I came across was Gold Best Friends Necklace Set, this is such a lovely idea to be able to give your best friend something too! 

Gold Ornate Leaf Midi Ring, oh my goodness, I love this piece. Im not a massive jewellery person but this ring is just gorgeous. It fits well on all fingers so if you do have slightly smaller or larger fingers you should be good. 

Silver Deer Antlers Bracelet this is another very cute dainty piece. Absolutely love the little antlers very autumnal. Just gorgeous. 

Rose Gold Autumn Leaves Earrings, anyone that knows me knows how much I love rose gold so when I discovered these I fell in love. Again another gorgeous piece in the box. 

If the excitement from the last 4 pieces wasn't enough, underneath is the most gorgeous statement necklace! I find it really hard to find a piece that you can wear with most things and as this is a gold base necklace with tones of amber, mink, white and pearlised stones which just symbolise Autumn in one piece. I know that I will be wearing this a lot!! 

I am so impressed with everything in the box and I am very much converted into a jewellery kinda gal! If you haven't already go and have a lot at what gorgeous pieces are on the website. I know I will be getting more! 

Much Love 


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