November Favorites

The countdown for Christmas has started and I can honestly say I am just so so excited! To get it all started I have a favourites for you, there are only a few ned things that I have been loving this month, as most of my core favourites are very much the same. 

The Body Shop Instablur Primer. Over the last 6 months I must have got through about 2 tubes of this stuff. I love it, its very much become a staple in my core foundation base routine and I don't think I could live without it! I have just finished my last tube so if you have any primers that you love let me know as I'm always looking for new ones! 

Anther item from The Body Shop is their advent calendar, I have been posting this on my social media as I'm just so excited to have my hands on one this year after missing out last year. I love the excited of getting a new sample product each day!! 

For me, my skin care doesn't really change. I rarely try out new products and brands. However after stumbling over Elemis that has very truly changed. I love been loving there products over the month of November. Their products smell gorgeous, they apply nicely to the skin. I may do a full run down on what products I have and how I use them on a future post. 

Last favourite of the month is a hand cream, I always seem to have a hand cream on me whether I'm in the car, on the go or at my desk. Over the last part of this month I have been getting really dry almost cracked skin over my knuckles, Im not sure what could be the cause of this. After talking to mum about it she recommend the E45 range, so I hoped into boots and picked up the intense recovery for very dry skin. It has no smell to it and so far its looking good!

Just a few favourites this months, but sure I will have a fully packed favourites next month! Im trying to be more regular with my posting, so a new post will be going up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until Christmas.

Much Love 


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