Autunm Make-up

Not only do the colours of the leafs turn into deep colours, the days get shorter but are make up also goes into the deeper/vampy side of things. As much as I love the gorgeous bronzed, highlighted Summer looks, Autumn has to be my next fav! 

For Autunm/Winter I do love the vampy nail colours and make up. However saying that I only seem to go as far as berry toned lip products, still keeping the rest of the make up rather simple and of course the bronzer is still there!! 

Today I thought I  would share with you some of my favourite products, I use nearly everyday to create the girlie vampy make up look. This is like I said this make up look is my staple for getting me through Autumn and Winter. 

The Body Shop: All - In - One Perfector 
Maybelline: Anti - Age Eye Eraser in colour Light
Estee Lauder: Double Wear in colour Ivory Nude
Rimmel: Match Perfection 2-in1 Conclealer and Highlighter in colour 010 Ivory
Benefit: Gimmie Brow in colour light/medium
Revlon: Colourstay Pressed Powder in colour Light 
Too Faced: Shadow Insurance 
Maybelline: The Nudes Palette
Estee Lauder: Pure Colour Eyeliner in colour 01 Blackened Black 
Revlon: Colourstay Skinny Liquid Liner in Black Out 
Lash Curlers
Max Factor: False Lash Effect in Black
Estee Lauder Aerin Collection: Bronze Illuminating Powder in 01
Benefit: Dandelion Blush

For lips its either Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain in colour 005 Crush or Topshop Lipstick in colour Rio Rio.

Those are all my products I love to use for a day to day vampy, autumnal look!! 

Much Love 



Skin Care Problems | Spotty \ Oil

I have always been the type of person, who skin, growing up, was pretty good. I very rarely got spots and if I did they would be gone within a couple days. That has all seemed to change within that last 18 months or so, and with that my skin care has needed to adapt and change. 

Today I just want to share with you some products that I feel have helped clear up my pores and just keep the oiliness under control. Coming into colder weather by skin does tend to dry out a little anyway, so I'm sure my skin will change again within the next couple of months! 

Starting with, for me, the most important step removing all that make up. I do believe that using a too harsh product and/or sleeping in make up can be the first step to having problem skin. I always try to remove my make up either with the product i'm about to talk about or even just wipes if I'm a bit of a rush and sleepy!! 

I love The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter. This is perfect for removing all make up including eyes, your make up just melts off. I love the smell, the feel and how quick this is!! You only need a small amount, and lasts a very long time. By far my favourite way for removing my make up, which leaves my skin feeling super clean and fresh! 

After removing my make up I always like to cleanse my face again. Lately I've been using the Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Cleansing Pads. I picked these up for a few reason, quickness and curiosity. I love these, they contain hyaluronic acid ( hydrates for plumper skin) salicylic acid (deep cleanses pores) dragon's blood (comforts + restores through skin hydration) I have found that using products that contain acid are super good for oily/spotty skin and they really do help to cleanse. They do say to use one pad morning and evening however I have just been using them in the evening. They really do what they say and I love them!! 

Every 3 days I use the Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial. 
Oh My God.
This product is amazing, its an Vitamin C based. This helps to brighten the skin as I have found that as my skin has been quite spotty it also comes across quite dull. This product is a must have and a great pick me up, or to use before an event. Really helps to smooth, hydrate and brighten skin! 

Moving onto a two treatment products one is a mask and another a serum. 

A deep cleaning mask is a must have for me. Origins Clear Improvement has been perfect, it contain active charcoal which helps to clear pores. When my skin is being particularly tricky, I always take time out in the evening and apply this. Again because of the charcoal base it just helps to drawn out toxins, dirt and clogged pores making the skin cleaner, brighter and just looking a bit more nicer! Clear Improvements mask is my go to when i'm having bad skin days, it really dose help to clean up spots and any excess oil as well. 

Finally a serum. This may be a bit of a strange product to use when suffering with oily skin, but the skin still needs to be hydrated! I love this Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment, this product works by balancing out excess oil while hydrating. This product does what it says and I love it for that. 

Overall I love to use acid based products to help deep cleanse and also charcoal to again help pull out all the guck and dirt. From these product being part of my skin routine it really has helped clear out my skin. However diet and drinking plenty water help as well!! 

Much Love 



Empties | 2nd Edition

I love trying new products. I always seem to have an over full skin care and beauty draw of all sorts of products that I want to give ago, however I don't ever seem to use them up. Lately I have been keeping used up products to the side. The products that I am going to show with you today are a real mix of hair, beauty and skin care. 

Starting with hair. I always stick with the same shampoo, conditioner, hair masks and get stuck in a bit of a runt. Until a few months back when I was wondering through The Body Shop and realised that I have never tried any of there hair products. I came across the Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter. This hair mask is for coloured hair, which contains pracaxi oil, bilberry extract and linseed oil. This mask is a thick, rich intensive deep-conditions treatment to help restore and protect skin and radiance. This is brilliant for coloured hair as all the heat and colour that goes into my hair can be very damaging so this mask is a life sent! The treatment also contains UV filter. The mask is a really good one, i love the formula and how soft and gorgeous my hair felt but Im not sure if I would re-purchase. 

I can never seem to use up make up products! I just add to them. This product is the exception. I purchased it based on the hype that surrounded the product and first of all I really wasn't too sure, but slowly after using it every day I began to fall in love with Benefit Porefessional. The way it applied, to the way my make up would last all day was just amazing! So about this product its oil free, lightweight, translucent and feels like silk. It works by minimising the appearance of pores allowing the base of make up to have that flawless finish. This will be a product that will always have a place in my make up collection. I love it! 

Skin care, is my far my favourite things to buy and use! 

One product that I just love to use to removal my make up is the Camomile Cleansing Butter! I have tried so many different products from wipes, to oils to cleansing milks and nothing can bet this product!! This Body Shop product is a butter formula that melts into an oil that removals any make up from light day to day make up or slightly heavy evening make up. One thing that has been such a good point for me with how delicate it is around the eyes, many others I've used really sting the eyes and I end up having to use two products to take my make up off! This however is perfect and I love it. Camomile Cleansing Butter will always be a part in my skin care routine and I have re-purschased it. 

This last two products are samples. Both moistures. Starting with a Guinot moisture, I got given this along with a few other samples from my holiday at the beginning of August. The moisture is the Creme Bioxygene Cream, its gorgeous and hydrating which glides onto the skin perfect. I also love how this smells however this could be a issue if someone isn't a fan of fragranced products personally I loved it. 

The last sample moistures that I have used up is the Vitamin E Face Moistuiser. The product is by the brand Malin + Goetz and honestly Im not too sure how I feel about this, it hasn't dramatically changed my skin or really does anything in my opinion. To me just a meh product that I won't be re-puracahsing. 

I really do enjoying empties posts and giving mini- reviews on products that I have used up! Do you have any empires this month?

Much Love 



Prairie Charms Laua

A while back Prairie Charms contacted me asking me whether I would be interested in there new monthly subscription. I had a look on there website to see what sort of pieces they offer and completely fell in love, I completely forget to blog about my last box. When they contacted me a few months ago about their second Laua party inspired box I just had to get my hands on one and share with you all the pieces. As they do just keep getting better and better!! 

This Prairie Charm box is inspired by Laua Party: so think blue oceans, andy beaches, cocktails and everyone we always dream off. 

The company also partnered up with other bands, to which they could share a piece from their own canopy inside this box.  

Lets get into the box itself!!

Just like the first box is arrives in a square cupboard box with the gorgeous Prairie Charms logo and flower sticker strip holding it all inside. Once you open up the box there is pink tissue paper holding all the gorgeous goodies that are containing in this months box. 

On a side the note the amount of glitter and sparkles that are also imbedded through the package is incredible!! 

Onto what you get inside: Sweet As Honey Studio 'Make a Mess' Confetti which is from the brand Sweet As Honey Studio, do check out their Website, Twitter and Instagram

From Prairie Charms themselves: Caterina 'No Snag' Knot Ties RRP £7.00, Acadia Tropical Punch Drink Set RRP £5.00 Hana Bow Tie Scrunchie RRP £7.50 Paloma Vintage Bead Drop Anklet RRP £12.00 Eda Bespoke Floral Lei RRP £50.00 Dakota Custom Nail Glitter RRP £6.50 Una Coconut S'more Snack Pack RRP £3.50 Faryn Hair Clips RRP£5.00

I love how theres boxes. The sell such a wide range from things on thee website so please do check them out if you haven't already! 

Much Love 




A Few ASOS Gems

As we all know if you have been following me for a while now I love ASOS. The variety, the quality and the service is always amazing and I find myself on the site at the beginning of each month, ready to spend! This month was no different. I picked up quite a few pieces for when the weather turns a little bit colder as in England are summers never last as long as we would like! 

I love blouses and they are just perfect for when it getting just that little colder, they are brilliant to just throw on with a pair of jeans. 

Turtled neck jumpers, dresses and tops have been a must have last year and they are back for this year as well. I never really went into the trend last year however I stumbled across this gorgeous black turtle neck dress and I had to had it! Plus they do so many different colour.

Mustard. This colour is perfect for Autumn, I seemed to be drawn to it quite a lot over the last month or so. Two pieces that I have completely fallen in love with is this striped day dress and 3/4 length sleeve top. Both are perfect for Autumn, Winter!! 

Much Love 



Favourites of August

Its crazy to be saying this is my August favourites, it feels like I'm saying good by to summer. However google has informed me that the end of Summer isn't until 22nd September, so we have time!! 

I have a real mixture of old loves and new discoveries. 

Starting the the old loves, I've been reaching for my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream this was a life saver on flights and long journeys. I can see myself using this even more as we get more into autumn and winter.  Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, again nothing new with how much I love this product! 

Moving more newer discoveries. In the month of August I bit the bullet and purchased the new addition to the Naked Palette collection - I have a whole post talking about it Naked Smoky - which I have been loving to use on my eyes this month! Another make up item that has been fabulous is the Benefit Porefessional, I honestly couldn't see the hype with this products but I made myself use it everyday and I must say how wrong I was, this primer is gorgeous!!

For hands and nails this month, I have been keeping it quite simple and classic. For moisture I have been loving The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil hand cream. This is just perfect for nourishing the hands and cuticles. I have been wearing gel nails quite a lot over the last couple of months, however when I don't have them I like to give my nails a break but still having them look nice and presentable. Essie Mademoiselle has been perfect for that classic look.   

A book favourite this month has to be Gone girl, I am about a quater through and loving it a lot. My plan is to read the book before I allow myself to watch the film. 

Last favourite for this month has to be my phone. I have found some great organising app for my blog as well a just loving all the social media. My phone to me is my own personal assistant. 

Its crazy how quickly this year is going! 

Much Love



Urban Decay NAKED SMOKY!!

Anyone who is a 'Naked' fan has been getting very excited over the month of August, as the lasted addition to the family has finally arrived to the UK. Naked Smoky. I must say this palette is just beyond beautiful! I must admit I didn't rush out to purchase this palette as at heart I'm more of a natural girl and I feel like the previous three cover me for this, but after seeing this in person and swatched the shadows I fell in love! 

The packaging for this pallet is very different from the other three, and in my opinion, its fabulous! Its made of a very sturdy plastic, which it see through with gorgeous smoke swirls running through it. Smoky is properly the most practical packaging and by far my favourite. 

Inside it contains 12 gorgeous smoky eyeshadows as well as a double ended brush. This brush would be perfect for on the go or travelling as one side is a more fluffy brush with the other a good crease brush for creating definition ( i would stay to clean after each use just to get the most of out the palette) 

Lets get talking about the shadows them self, like i mentioned the palette contains 12 shadows. This palette is gorgeous if your more of a natural girl like me or not, they are super wearable. There are six full shimmer shades ( High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Armor, Slanter and Dagger) 2 almost - matte shades (Black Market and Smolder) and 4 mattes ( Password, Whisky, Combust and Thirteen) 

All of these, as you would expect from Urban Decay: highly pigmented, and nicely blend-able. The only thing is to be careful to tap of any excess shadow before applying specially the darker shadows. 

The thing I love about this palette is just how good of a mix with both the warm and cool tones, and the fact that this palette can be used during day time and for the evening as well. They haven't just used gorgeous intense shadows but also a good range of lighter shimmers that can be used alone or layered. They have also put some perfect shadows for blending and highlighting with the four mattes. For me this palette covers everything and would be gorgeous for everyone. This may even be my all time favourite out of the Urban Decay Naked collection - sorry Naked 1!! 

The first 6 shades (L-R) Hush, Dirtysweet, Radar, Armor, Slanted, Dagger)

The last 6 shades (L-R) Black Market, Smolder, Password, Whisky, Combust, Thirteen) 

Overall I love this palette, what are your views? Is this one your favourite too? 

Much Love 


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