May Favourites

With May coming to an end and a new month just in front of us. It is time for another monthly favourites. This month has been a really mixed, from nearly coming to the end of college (9 days left) to work to dance shows! I have  discovered a few new products this week, could be down to the fact I've been loving beauty products! 

ESPA Soothing Candle - This candle is perfect for anyone who can't drift of to sleep in the evenings, I had this problem. Since purchasing this candle and on the nights I burn it, it really helps me to calm, relax and sleep!

Chroma Notebook - I followed this company on Instagram and just fell in love with there personalised notebook and just had to get my hands on one. I got my blog name embroidered into a pale blue lined note pad. I use this notepad to write down all my blog ideas and inspiration.    

Nars Sheer Glow- After purchasing this at the beginning of the month,I have worn it every day since and have completely fallen in love with it. I will have to try out more Nars products. 

Honey Bronzer - After purchasing this at the beginning of the month, again, I have fallen in love with Body Shop make up. This bronzer is just perfect shade for me, not too orange or mud like! 

Honey Bronze Highlighter - I never had tried any of the Body Shop make up, but this highlighter works perfect with the Honey Bronzer. It gives the skin the perfect dewy look and catches the light perfectly when applied to the check bones and brow bone.

Hair Accessories - Ive never been into hair accessories, but this month is different. After receiving a few hair bows from Prairie Charms I have fallen i love with wearing bows and floral crowns! 

Much Love



Summer Essentials | Beauty Edition

With it nearly Summer, however the weather would differ! I thought I would share just a few of my summer essentials.

Lip Balm
With the weather getting warmer, our lips are always the first to show the signs. Keeping them hydrated is a must for me. i have gone through quite a lot of different brands, flavours of lip balm however the Nivea Lip Butter is my must have! 

When it comes to Summer I love a dewy base, and a highlighter is the best way for this. I believe that a powder is a gorgeous way of achieving this. I do love the Topshop and Mac ones but lately I have a new discovery The Body Shop Honey Bronzer Highlighter Dome! 

Floral Crowns/Bows
After receiving a few things from Prairie Charms, I have been obsessed with floral crowns and bows! These are the perfect accessory for an summer evening, holiday!  

Pastel Nails 
Every single summer I will always go rummaging though my nail polish draw or buy new pastel colours. I love pastel as a whole for summer but to me there is nothing more famine like a freshly polished manicured nails! 

What are your summer essentials? 

Much Love 



Get Ready With Me | Make Up Edition

Getting all dressed up is something that I love to do. Whether its for a evening out or just for a bit of fun, its one thing I absolutely love. Last Friday night gave me the perfect opportunity to, we all went out for a family meal to a local Italian restaurants - Zaza. The food was gorgeous! 

While I was getting ready I thought I would share with you how I prepare my skin and apply my makeup. This is a step that properly takes up at least half of my routine, I really do like to take my time as I believe that a good base will help for long lasting make up which applies better. 

Starting with skincare, this is my routine on a daily bases. I am having a big clear out with my skin care as I seem to have collected a lot of samples. Which I have slowly been making my way through. To take of any eye make up I used the Garnier Micellar Water - this really does remove any traces of make up. To cleanse and remove face make up i have been using a sample from Clarins Pure Cleansing Melt this very much as what it says, melts into a gorgeous oil which then melt off any makeup! Another cleanser/exfoliate sample I have been using is ESPA Pro cleanser, this is a gorgeous products which helps cleanse and exfoliate at once! Moving onto toners for the last couple of months I have been using the Liz Earle Skin Tonic. Finishing with serums and moisturise, I have been loving the Clarins Eye Contour Balm, The Body Shops Seaweed serum and Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser. All threes of these are gorgeous hydrating products and i believe that made a different in my skin.   

I allow my moisturiser to sink in for about 10 minutes before apply my make up. Starting with the base: Pore fessional, Revlon Colourstay Concealer, Nars Sheer Glow, Rimmal Stay Matte Powder. Eyes: Two Faced Eye Insurance, Naked Palette, Rimmel Skinny Liquid Liner, Clarins Mascara, Gimme Brow, Benefit High Brow. Face: Body Shop Honey Bronzer, Body Shop Honey Bronzer Highlighter, Benefit Dandelion Blusher.      

I love this natural evening summer look! 

Much Love 



Go Find Yourself

Spending the afternoon watching Once Upon A Time and scrolling through Pinterest, I came across this quote, 'go find yourself' This quote got me thinking. 

Thinking about what it means to me and to others I know, how three such simple words have great power. Theses days we get stuck in a mould whether that be work, school, the pressures of what other people expect and want from us, but very rarely what we want from ourselves. 

With summer just around the conner, I thought it was the perfect time to talk about finding ourselves. As humans I personally feel like we always want to please other people, we always want to fit in, be loved by everyone, do things that make other people happy and may not ourselves. This just shouldn't be the case, we should want to do things to make ourselves happy, whether means dressing how you want to dress, reading books, drinking coffee, joining a club whatever makes you happy. 

I believe that this summer, should be the summer that we find what ourselves are really like. We shouldn't feel pressured into doing activities that we may not enjoy and just don't feel right to us. 

The quote 'go find yourself' to me means that we should break that mould of what we are day to day, try something exciting try something that maybe you wouldn't have done, and go find ourselves. So this summer, lets all try at least one thing that we wouldn't normally, something that may we have always wanted but never had a the courage or confidence to do!  

Much Love 



Beauty Haul | The Body Shop, Benefit. Essie

I've been completely obsessed with beauty and skin care lately. After posting on social media if you would all like to see another beauty post, which seemed to lead to a positive. Here I am! 

I have been in love with The Body Shop lately, they have some gorgeous new products in, and products that I've only just discovered - keep an eye out for a post on my favourites. The first few things are from the Honey Bronze Collection, I have been waiting the Honey Bronzer for such a long time and finally have my hands on it, to pair with this Bronzer I picked out the Honey Bronze Highlighting Done in 01. These two products together look amazing, perfect for summer evenings and holiday!! 

I have been into face masks a lot lately, Im always hearing bloggers rave about the ones in Body Shop so I picked up the Seaweed Mask. Ive only used it once and I'm not too sure how I feel about it yet, however I do love the smell and dries quickly! Another mask, but this one is for my hair is the Rainforest Radiance Hair Mask for coloured hair, this is a gorgeous product. Leaves my hair feeling very soft and manageable. 

Moving onto make up side, I popped into benefit to just have a wonder and came home with two products. Firstly the pore fessional. Ive used this a couple of times since purchasing it, I am very undecided about it. It does matte the skin and controls oil through the day but I don't think it makes my foundation last as long as others I've tried. I will keep trying it out with different foundation to see if my opinion can change. I love benefits bronzer and blushes and have been lusting over the dandelion blusher. I must say its gorgeous for that everyday natural look! Love it!! 

Since its been getting a bit warmer in England, I have been obsessed with pale pink nail polish. I picked up a few essie nail colours and also a nail strengthener. I am in love with these two colours!

Just a few thing that I've brought over the last week. Hope you have a lovely day!

Much Love 



This Summer I Want Too

After reading Tanya Burr 'Things I Want To Do This Summer' it really inspired me to start things about my own summer and what plans or things I would like to achieve. I always love when it starts to get lighter in the evenings and just the tad warmer: living in England it never get too hot. Everyone always seems to be more happier and cheerful which, I think, is down to the amount of Vitamin D we are now getting from the sun and sunshine! 

After reading Tanya Burr's I got my notebook and wrote down all the things I would love to do, so I thought I would share them all with you. Maybe inspire some of you, just like I was inspired! 

Long Evening Walks, as the evenings are getting lighting it just gives the perfect excuse for long walks. Whether its having a long walk to clear your own mind, with friends or even for a dog walk. Summers evenings are just gorgeous and what best way to spend the evenings then having a nice walk! 

Read At Least One Book A Month, I have never really been the reading type. I must prefer watching films, and envy anyone that can sit for hours reading a book, getting so involved in that one story. Something id love to be able to do, so this summer I would love to achieve this! 

Do Yoga, I used to dance a lot and still do teach a little too. I find that anything to do with dance and pilates are the funnest ways to keep into shape. Yoga is one thing I have always wanted to try, plus all the position look amazing and I would love to be able to do it!

Write A Summer Diary, I have never been one to write a diary not even when I was a little girl. But there is something that I love is having all my memories in one place, and to look back on and remember all the big and small things that happened in a small or large time frame!

Use My Polaroid Camara, I got given a polaroid camera a few birthdays back and have used it a few times, but I really want to get into polaroid this summer, could even put a few in my summer diary.

I would love to know what you want to do or achieve this summer!

Much Love


Second Blog Anniversay

This week my blog turned two! To me this is just completely crazy, and i just want to say a massive thank you. Thank you to everyone that has read my blog, has supported. The support from the blogging community is just amazing. I love how we support and encourage rather then bad mouthing.  I do believe that a lot of blogs cherish and grow because of the amazing community and i hope for me to keep growing and developing, as i believe it has so much in the last two years. 

Mostly, I just want to say thank you to all of you guys that read my blog. Whether you have been here since the first ever blog or have just discovered my blog today, you all mean so much to me and my blog wouldn't be the same without you guys!!  So thanks you! 

Lastly, what i would love is if you all leave your blog URL in the comments below, so we can all support and discover new exciting blogs! 

I hope you are all having such a lovely day, with whatever you have planned. 

Much Love 



Once Apon A Time

I have been completely obessed with the TV show 'Once Apon A Time' For thoses who haven't seen it and have been living under a rock, its about fairy tale characters that have been stuck in the 'real' world because of a curse from the evil witch. I am only a few episodes into the first seasons so please no spoilers! 

The show really inspired me to create a fairytale nail paint and to me nothing sums up fairytales better then glitter and pale pastels! I went looking through my nail polish draw and pulled out a couple nude pinks and a course pink glitter polish. The pink glitter is actually from the Morgan Taylor Cinderella range so it just seem fitting! 

OPI - Sweet Memories
Morgan Taylor - Sweetest Thing 

Can we just take a second to see how gorgeous the Chroma notepads are, i am obsessed with mine! I hope you liked this fairytale inspired nail creation. 

Much Love 



Spring Make up Haul

I seem to go through stages where all I buy is either skin care & beauty or fashion, and throughout the last couple of weeks its been all about the beauty! I normally just purchase all my beauty and skin care at my local boots, but after realising I had 10% discount with lookfantastic (joys of still being a student) I thought that I would see what sort of products they sell! 

I am completely converted! I love how everything you would ever need, is in one place and products that I would have never tried and right there, a click away! I thought I would show you a little splurge I made on lookfantastic and also just a few products that I picked up in The Body Shop.

InstsaBlur Primer 
Wild Argan Oil Hand Cream

Benefit - High Beam
CID Cosmetics I - Glow - Ice Pop
bareMinerals Ready Blush - The Secrets Out
L'oral Paris Colour Riche Quad - Timeless Beige 

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick - Frambourjoise 
Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick - Ole Flamingo 

Let me know if you are a fan of lookfantastic and if so what products would you recommend? 

Much Love 

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