Go Find Yourself

Spending the afternoon watching Once Upon A Time and scrolling through Pinterest, I came across this quote, 'go find yourself' This quote got me thinking. 

Thinking about what it means to me and to others I know, how three such simple words have great power. Theses days we get stuck in a mould whether that be work, school, the pressures of what other people expect and want from us, but very rarely what we want from ourselves. 

With summer just around the conner, I thought it was the perfect time to talk about finding ourselves. As humans I personally feel like we always want to please other people, we always want to fit in, be loved by everyone, do things that make other people happy and may not ourselves. This just shouldn't be the case, we should want to do things to make ourselves happy, whether means dressing how you want to dress, reading books, drinking coffee, joining a club whatever makes you happy. 

I believe that this summer, should be the summer that we find what ourselves are really like. We shouldn't feel pressured into doing activities that we may not enjoy and just don't feel right to us. 

The quote 'go find yourself' to me means that we should break that mould of what we are day to day, try something exciting try something that maybe you wouldn't have done, and go find ourselves. So this summer, lets all try at least one thing that we wouldn't normally, something that may we have always wanted but never had a the courage or confidence to do!  

Much Love 


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