May Favourites

With May coming to an end and a new month just in front of us. It is time for another monthly favourites. This month has been a really mixed, from nearly coming to the end of college (9 days left) to work to dance shows! I have  discovered a few new products this week, could be down to the fact I've been loving beauty products! 

ESPA Soothing Candle - This candle is perfect for anyone who can't drift of to sleep in the evenings, I had this problem. Since purchasing this candle and on the nights I burn it, it really helps me to calm, relax and sleep!

Chroma Notebook - I followed this company on Instagram and just fell in love with there personalised notebook and just had to get my hands on one. I got my blog name embroidered into a pale blue lined note pad. I use this notepad to write down all my blog ideas and inspiration.    

Nars Sheer Glow- After purchasing this at the beginning of the month,I have worn it every day since and have completely fallen in love with it. I will have to try out more Nars products. 

Honey Bronzer - After purchasing this at the beginning of the month, again, I have fallen in love with Body Shop make up. This bronzer is just perfect shade for me, not too orange or mud like! 

Honey Bronze Highlighter - I never had tried any of the Body Shop make up, but this highlighter works perfect with the Honey Bronzer. It gives the skin the perfect dewy look and catches the light perfectly when applied to the check bones and brow bone.

Hair Accessories - Ive never been into hair accessories, but this month is different. After receiving a few hair bows from Prairie Charms I have fallen i love with wearing bows and floral crowns! 

Much Love


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