When You Just Feel A Bit Down....


I woke you this morning feeling a bit crappy and sorry for myself ! So like a typical girl i stayed in bed until about 12! Then i realised something: me moping around in bed all day isn't going to do me any good! So i thought I'm actually going do something with my Saturday! So
i got up sorted myself out, painted my nails ( rose libertine - Rimmel) and did my make up!

The point to this little blog is that whenever your feeling down or upset about something, just try and take the positive out of the situation! you don't want to waste a day of your life when you only live once. Whether its what i did and treat yourself or hanging out with friends or a partner!

It will make you feel better straight away and remember don't let others ruin your mood! You are wonderful in your own way so don't let anyone say different!!

The quote below is on of my favourites and it my background on my phone! it really cheers me up when i read and speaks the truth to me!

If you like this blog let me know below and if you would like me to do some more blogs on feeling down,insecurities then just comment below!

Hope you are all having a lovely day!

Much Love



The Zoooo....


Being a little girl i would always love going to zoo. Seeing all the animals would always amaze me and seeing the little baby animals that were so cute!!! I would always ask mum to take me at every chance and as i got older i lost the "wow' in going however today i went with my family!

As it was the most amazing thing ever! I thought i would share my little day with you and show some pictures of my day! (i took a lot of photos of elephants - my new favourite- so i say sorry for that!)

We were just wondering around taking photos (some are above) my little brother shouted 'babies babies' and like always we weren't listening until i spotted what he was shouting about and there were these most cutest little baby red river hog! I have never seen such cute animals in my life. Pictures are below of them!!

So after this we wondered over to see the elephant show and this is where i feel in love with them! I have never found an animal so cute and just lovely - even that does sound strange! The pictures below are of the little show they did! 

I hope you have enjoyed my little post about my day trip! if you want more of these kinda post then leave me a comment below!!

Hope you are all having a lovely day! 






I recently went to York with my parents for a couple of day. We had lovely warm whether and i thought i would show you some of my day and evening outfits that i wore!

Outfit 1
(Top - Topshop, Skirt -Primark, Shoes - Primark)


Outfit 2 (Evening)
 (Dress - Primark, Shoes - Same as above)

Outfit 3
 (Top - Topshop, Skirt - Primark, Shoes - New look)


Outfit 4 (Evening)
(Dress - Primark, Shoes - Same as tanned ones above)


 I wore the same jewellery i always wear, but heres some pictures of them plus the bag i was using the whole trip (Bag-Asos)


I hope you enjoyed the post today and are all having a lovely day!

Much love



June Monthly Favourite


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, had some personal stuff to deal with however i am back with a Monthly Favourite!

The most exciting and favourite thing this month was my birthday! Turning 18! However i do have other beauty and random ones to share with you!

Firstly i have be loving the Revlon Foundation, I'm a big fave of finding really good high street make up and this is just amazing. it lasts all day on the face and does give you a more full coverage look so i mostly where this foundation when I'm going out however it is a lovely day foundation!

Another of my favourites and one that is always being raved about in the beauty world is the Collection Lasting Perfecting (i thinks its called that..) this is amazing and does what it says! Another big recommendation for a good high street concealer!

One of my other much loved product is the Rimmel Stay Matt powder. It really does what it says! even though i have dry skin it doesn't dry my skin out or look cake, it just hold my foundation on all day and i love that! Plus its really cheap too!

I got this palette about a year ago and it is my favourite by far! A lot of beauty girls have raved about this and i must say its on i always go to whether its for filling in my brows or doing a natural day look. You can really do anything with his pallet and that's why once again I've spend the whole month using it. The range of colours are really good and they last all day with or without an eye primer.

Some random favourites of this month have been:

  • My iPad Mini - Which i got for my birthday and didn't realise how small it really was however its just amazing for any girls who are out and about a lot and need everything to be in one place. Even though i do have my phone i just find it easy to read books watch videos alot better!
  • Demi Lovato new Album - This had been in my cars for weeks just replaying over and over again. Enough said! 
  • Prezzo - This is one of my most loved places to eat! The food is always amazing and i would highly recommend it!
Thank you for reading my little monthly favourites! Comment below if you like these and want to see more or ideas of other things i could write about! 
Hope your all having a lovely day!

Much Love 


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