The Perfect Key Winter Items

There is something about the Winter that I love; whether its the cosy jumpers, open fires and fairy lights! I just love that the days are now shorter, and we can properly get all wrapped up in layers and fur. Over the last couple of weeks, I've been building up my winter wardrobe and I wanted to share with you some of my personal key items I feel needs to be in everyones! 

Cosy warm jumpers, you can find these in every single shop at the moment. I personally love Topshop, New Look and H&M jumpers. They are all gorgeously soft and cosy. You can pair a perfect cosy jumper with jeans and boots, just gorgeous for an winter walk! 

Black knee high boots/riding boots. I had a pair of chelsea boots last year which i do still love for this year however after a while they started to hurt my feet. This year i  just loved the idea of cosy jumpers, jeans and black boots. I looked everywhere for a pair that i loved and finally found some from Pull&Bear a perfect size and price.

Accessorises, you can never have enough bags, hats or jewellery no matter what dad tries to tell me. After splurging out on a gorgeous Ted Baker cape, I needed a nice burgundy bag. I really didn't want to spend a lot on this and once again H&M didn't let me down. They always have gorgeous bags that look experience but are only £29.99!  Moving onto hats I love the black fennel floppy hats these are gorgeous all year around and dress up and outfit perfectly during the colder months!

Those are just a few of my perfect key Winter item...what are yours? 

Much Love 



Prairie Pizzazz | Enchanted Edition

Once again another gorgeous parcel fell though the letter box a couple weeks ago, and very unexpected. I knew it was on its way but it arrived much sooner then I thought, if you haven't guesses already (well the tile does give it away) it was another gorgeous box from Prairie Charms. I have been working along side them and other bloggers on a few of these boxes. I can not say enough good things about them as a company and the quality of each and every item in the boxes. 

Throughout this box there is a very enchanted theme, lots of dark purples, textures, glitter and pumpkin scents. I know I say this about every box but I think this one is my favourite so far. 

First of all there was a little thank you note inside from Prairie Charms, which was such a lovely little add. Moving onto the items in the box starting with The Sweet Hostess Sugar Sticks, this is from a company that Prairie Charms have worked with. These sugar sticks are hugely popular in the USA. They can be eaten straight off of the stick or added to hot drinks, cocktails or soft drinks. They do also come in different flavours. Do check out their website, to see all the gorgeously sweet items they have. 

Onto to things from Prairie Charms themselves. Stating with cute little hair items, I love love love the hair products that they do. The bows are by far my favourite and I was so happy to see the Luna Leatherette Hair Bow, this is the most gorgeous metallic purple material. Another purple hair item, Seraphina Velvet Knot Wrap and also Anya Butterfly Head Band Duo both of these are perfect for cute little nights in or for just adding something different to a look. Aside from the bows, I also love the Knot Ties Pack, these contain no metal so they don't damage your hair. Plus the colours are just gorgeous. 

Within this box there was also a few lovely jewellery pieces. Prairie Charms do some gorgeous quirky items. In the box contains Hermonie Wand Necklace, Solace Midi Ring and Pandora Evil Eye Bracelet all three are lovely lovely pieces. 

Two non beauty bites were also in the box to tie it all together. Firstly the most amazingly autumnal smelly candles I have ever smelt. The scent of these is a very sweet spiced pumpkin, to me they are the scent of autumn. The last item in the box is this gorgeous Rosalie Quote Card which says 'she believed she could so she did' I think I'm going to get a lovely frame and place it on my desk.

Once again another gorgeous box from Prairie Charms!! Do check them out if you haven't already and do let me know if you do purchase anything. 

Much Love



Perfect Home Manicure

One of my favourite things to do is get a manicure. There is just something about getting your nails done can just perk you up if your having a bad day or just fancy some TLC. We hold a lot of stress in our hands and are normally one thing we don't think about. 

Today I thought I would share with you, how i take some time out and do the perfect home manicure using some of my favourite nails products!! 

To start i will remove any traces of nail polish that may still be on my nails from the last manicure. I will then just file and shape my nails on both hands.

 Once they are all nice shaped i will apply some cuticle oil and cuticle softer to one hand at a time. When these products are on one hand i will just place the tips of my fingers into warm water and again this will help the products to soften any tough cuticles. Take this hand out after a couple of minutes, dry and repeat with the other. These products will help soften the cuticles allowing you to be able to push them back without scratching the nail plate. 

When both hands are out and dry, I will start to push back my cuticles. To do this I will use a metal hoof stick and nippers ( you can find both in boots, superdrug) Using circle movements, circle the metal hoof stick pushing back any excess cuticle that may be sitting on the nail plate. Do be careful not to be push too hard. Again repeat on other nail, when they are all pushed back, you can nip off any white cuticle that you can see sticking up. This is dead skin so if there is none please don't nip! 

With the prep all done, I like to spend longer on the prep, you can go ahead with painting. 

I will always start with a base coat. The one I'm loving is the OPI Start to Finish this product is a nail strengther, base and top coat so perfect for travelling with or if you just don't want to spend the money on 3 different products. I will start with Start to Finish, I do two coats on each nail on all 10 fingers. Once all 10 have been done I will go ahead with the colour, I have been lovely the more natural colours for autumn on the fingers. Again i will do two coats on all 10 fingers. If you feel like you will need a third coat then do, just make sure you are doing 3 thin coats rather then 2 think coats as it will just help last a longer and reduce chipping. To finish apply a top coat, this will help seal everything in and also give a gorgeous gloss. 

Once i am happy with the paint I will always just apply some quick dry drop, all these do is just steal the top coat making them touch dry in minutes, however they will be fully dry in 1-3 hours depending on what nails brand you will using. I would also just avoid doing anything for about a hour. 

Much Love 



A Walk Through Wonderland

As some of you would be aware, I was away last week on a little family trip to Yorkshire Dales. On the first full day we had we went for a little walk around Ingonlton waterfall. The village was gorgeous, a sweet little village with your old fashioned street shops and a good pub. 

The waterfalls themselves were gorgeous. What made it even more amazing was the colour spectrum, everywhere you looked you had the rusty orange, burnt yellow and gorgeous neon green. 

Of course I had to share some of the gorgeous photography that I managed to take on the day. I hope you enjoy. 

Much love


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