My Updated Morning Skin Care Routine

Hello Lovlies,

Today I thought that I would share with you my updated skin care routine, I feel like I have finally found products that do make a difference to by skin and so I thought Id share them with you! Most of these products are new but I have already seen such a difference in my skin, as its looking clearer and brighter which is what I want to achieve!

The cleanser that I've been using is The Body Shop 'Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter,' this product is amazing! This is the first cleansing balm/butter that I have used and I'm completely converted! This product melts into your skin as it warmed up in your fingers and removes everything. I wash it off using a Hot Cloth as its more luxuries and doesn't leave my skin dry afterwards. It does say for all skin types however I don't know how well an oilier skin would get on with it as it does melt into an oil!

The exfoliater that I've been using is Soap & Glory 'Scrub Your Nose In It' this product is a very abrasive scrub so I only use it on my t-zone once a couple of days and in the last 2 weeks that I have been using it, my blackhead on my chin and nose has reduced and my pores look a lot cleaner. The only annoying thing about this product is when you have washed it all off you can still feel the particles on your skin - so make sure you double double wash your skin after using the product apart from that its an really good exfoliater!

For an everyday day cream I use the No7 'Essential Moisture Day Cream' this is just your bob - standard day cream. I have been using this product the longest and it has got rid of my dry patches I used to get on my skin. However it is quite a thick for a day cream so you do have to wait a little bit before putting your make up one but apart from that i would repurchase it again.

This is a new eye cream to my collection and it is just amazing. Its the Soap & Glory 'You Won't Believe Your Eyes' This product claims to 'help tired eyes with brighting moisture serum with puff ease 360' and it really does. This is a roll on eye cream and the roller bit is cold when it goes on under the eyes. This is to help with the reduction of puffy eyes. I don't suffer from puffy eyes however it has made my eyes look brighter in the morning. A must buy for any age!

I am a massive lip balm hoarder however I think I have found my favourite ever and its the Elemis 'Loving Lip Quenching Lip Balm' I use this product thought out the day aswell as at the end of my skin care routine. It leaves lips feeling soft and nourished. At the moment it is my favourite!

Lastly this is a product I put on just before I'm about to do my make or if I'm just going to have a no make up day. Its the Soap & Glory 'Bright Here, Bright Now' Instant-Radiance Energy Boost Balm. This stuff is amazing!! It comes out as a nude colour and as tiny reflective particulars in it, then when applied to the skin it just gives the skin a bit of a pick me up! This is a great product for the beach if you want that nourishment from a moisture and the glowy look all in one! A must buy for the summer!

I hope you are all having a lovely Mother Days, and the plans you have, I've just come back from a lovely lunch out!

Much Love 

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What I Wore Today!

Hello Lovlies,

Today I thought i'd just share with you what I wore today as the weather is getting slightly warmer - meant to be 20 degrees tomorrow! I'm thinking of doing an Spring Lookbook so let me know if you would like to see that! Anyways I hope you are having a lovely evening - I am sat here in my comfy clothes and fluffy slippers.

Sweatshirt: Topshop
Printed Leggings: Topshop
White Converse

Much Love

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Flowers to Make You Smile

Good Evening Lovelies,

I didnt really know what to write about in the last couple of days, untill i was sitting in the kichten and saw that mum had brought some new flowers -tulips - just thought how beautiful they are. So i thought that i would just share a few pictures of them!! 

I hope they make you smile like they made me! Have a lovely evening or day whatever you have planned! 


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Much love 



Breakfast & Shopping

Hello Lovlies,

This morning me and mum had to pop into town as we were having our eyebrows wax! We thought that we would make the morning off it, having a lovely breakfast in Bills and doing a little bit of beauty retail therapy! I hope you enjoy the couple of pictures that i took and that you are having a lovely day! 

Much Love 



My Favourite Nude Polish

Hello Lovlies,

I am a massive nail polish border, however i always go back to the same ones - The Nudes! For me a Nude is a go to polish whether its for an occasion for just on a day to day. They make the nails look clean, neat and tidy and complete a look. Today i thought that id share my favourite ones with you! 

Pink Nudes
Essie - Not Just A Pretty Face - Left
OPI - Sweet Memories - Middle
Essie - Ballet Slippers - Right

 Beige Nudes
OPI - Did You 'Ear About Van Gogh? - Right
Barry M - Mushroom - Middle
OPI - Over The Taupe - Left

What are your favourites nail polishes?
I hope you enjoyed this little post, and are having a lovely day whatever your plans are! I will be uploading another post on Thursday! 

Much Love 



Spring Haul

Hello Lovlies!

The weather in England over the last week has been amazing sunny and keeping quite warm so today little post is to show you all what I've recently brought to brighten up my wardbrode - please bare in mind that i am not boasting about what i have brought or have, i just wanted to share it all with you.

I hope you enjoyed this little spring haul! I hope you are all having a lovely say in the sun whatever your plans are!
I shall see you on Tuesday with another post.

Much love



10 Things I Want To Do Each Day

Hello Lovlies,

Today I wanted to share with you a list of things that I want to try and achieve each day. I got this little blog post idea from Tanya Burrs 10 Things I Want To Do

1. Drink more water - this is something that everyone always says they will do! Its just good for your body and mind.
2. Calm down and Count to ten - this might sound a bit of a silly one, but I've found that its good if you suddenly feel stressed or anxious. 
3. Do some sort of exercise.
4. Master a new recipe a week.  
5. Don't judge anyone and always have an open mind - 'everyone has their pasts that make them who they are, so before you know the past don't judge'
6.Cut down on the sweet & sugar - i am a massive sweet juckie! However it does horrible things for you body and makes me feel very sleepy and sluggish!
7. Help others - whether this is to the girls in my college course or to random stranger on the street, it will make you and whoever the person is happy! 
8. Try new things.
9. Spend time with friends and family - even if it is just a phone call!
10. Be happy and smile! 

I hope you enjoyed my little post, and are having a lovely day today! Let me know what you want to try and do each day or if you have any post idea :)

Much Love 

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