10 Things I Want To Do Each Day

Hello Lovlies,

Today I wanted to share with you a list of things that I want to try and achieve each day. I got this little blog post idea from Tanya Burrs 10 Things I Want To Do

1. Drink more water - this is something that everyone always says they will do! Its just good for your body and mind.
2. Calm down and Count to ten - this might sound a bit of a silly one, but I've found that its good if you suddenly feel stressed or anxious. 
3. Do some sort of exercise.
4. Master a new recipe a week.  
5. Don't judge anyone and always have an open mind - 'everyone has their pasts that make them who they are, so before you know the past don't judge'
6.Cut down on the sweet & sugar - i am a massive sweet juckie! However it does horrible things for you body and makes me feel very sleepy and sluggish!
7. Help others - whether this is to the girls in my college course or to random stranger on the street, it will make you and whoever the person is happy! 
8. Try new things.
9. Spend time with friends and family - even if it is just a phone call!
10. Be happy and smile! 

I hope you enjoyed my little post, and are having a lovely day today! Let me know what you want to try and do each day or if you have any post idea :)

Much Love 

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