The Professional Beauty Show

Hello Lovlies!

As some of you know I am currently studying Level 3 Beauty at college. Every year we get the chance to go to the Professional Beauty Show. This beauty show is were big and small brands get to show off there products at much a lower price to a very wide audience. On Monday we got to go again, and it did not disappoint!

So I thought that I would share with you what I got and my thoughts on the products I purchased and also the overall day!

I had one thing on my mind the whole day - I need some Sleep In Rollers - so when I saw that they were only £10 i did not hesitated to get them and after using the only one they have not disappointed and now I understand all the hype around them! Brilliant defiantly worth a buy!!

After wondering around a lot of the bigger brand - Essie, Clarins, Elemis, OPI, the list go on - I decided that I must just try out some of the Clarins and Elemis skincare and as it was going cheap, I thought why not!

I actually repurchased the Clarins gift set, which I loved when I brought it last year! This set is called Daily Energiser Set and it really does do what it says! In this set you get a complete skin routine -cleanse, tone, moisturise. It is designed for younger skin to give brighter complexion and it really is a lovely starter set for a girl that is trying to find a good skincare routine!

My last and final buy was again another skincare set from Elemis, this again was designed for younger skins. It has replaced my current routine as I just love it so much, the smell, the luxury spa feel you get and just is amazing! In this set you get Make Up Wipes, Cleanser, Mask, Moisturiser and an lip balm - all amazing products, that I will be buying full sizes!

Overall I had an amazing day on Monday and it was lovely to see what things are big this year - seems to be tanning and teeth whiting - I can not wait to go next year!

I hope you enjoyed this little post and are having a lovely day/ evening whatever you may be doing!

Much Love


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