Autumnal Nails

As we all are very aware I love autumn and winter. I can not get enough of all the gorgeous colours, whether its the colour of the leaves, cosy jumpers or polishes. Normally every autumn I will get all my darker polishes out and have a field day, however this year as been slightly different. I have fallen in love with the neutrals. 

Today I thought I would just share with you some of my favourite colours, most of them are from OPI as i just love the brand and the finish is gorgeous. 

From more of the neutrals side of things I love, Just Lanai-ing Around and Tickle Me France-y from OPI and Violet Pastels from Orly.

From more of the darker side I love New York State of Mind from Morgan Taylor, Black Cherry Chutney and Got The Blues For Red from OPI and lastly Royal Red from Jessica.

 I love every single one of theses, and they just look gorgeous in Autumn/ Winter. 

Much Love 



Neal's Yard Haul & Mini Review

I have always wandered past Neal's Yard, loving the appearance and packaging yet I've never actually gone in and purchased anything. 

Until a few days ago, I had ran out of nearly all my skin care at once - typical! Being on the search for some new skin care products to try and I thought it was only fate for me to have a look in Neal's Yard. And I was impressed!! 

I was left alone to browse for a little while, before a lovely lady came up and asked if i needed any help. To which I explained I was looking for a day and night cream. She asked the usual questions ( skin type, main concerns) to I replied with no main concerns a few breakouts on jaw line. I really like how she listened me to and actually got a feel to what I really needed rather then just selling me anything. She also told me that the breakouts on my jaw are linked to kidneys so increasing my water intake would be half the battle with them!! 

She talked me through a day cream first which is the Rose & Mellow Moisturiser.  This is a cooling, restorative rose balances the complexion while mellow and almond soften and smooth for radiant skin. This retails at £22.00

Ive been using this for the last couple of days and so far I'm really liking it, it absorbs well into the skin considering it is quite think. Make up also applies better as well. 

For a night cream she recommended the Rose & Almond. Suitable for all skin types, to restore skin's natural balance and encourage daily regeneration. This is slightly lighter moisturiser, again I love this product! This retails at £21.50

Both products should last me about 3 months as only a pea size amount is needed. I would really recommend everyone to go in and have a look. The products are all gorgeous!! 

Much Love 



Dolly BowBow Autumn Box

I have always loved the Youtube Kate Murnane aka DollyBowBow. If you haven't already go and check her channel out, she also has a gorgeous blog. Along side being a YouTuber, Blogger and Mum she has the most gorgeous jewellery shop as well. Ive always looked from a distance, Im not a massive jewellery person so never purchased anything, however a few months ago Kate launch Dolly Boxes. The idea of these are, 4 items are selected from rings, bracelets, necklaces from gold and sliver pieces. Inside the box as well there is a statement necklace. The items inside the box are all a surprises, which I love the concept off. Beginning of this month I treated myself to one and I am over excited and amazed with not only the service but also the pieces inside! 

 The box gets delivered through your letter box. Once you open the postage package, this gorgeous cardboard box with a little white bow falls out. I absolutely loved this packaging, so simple and elegant which, to me, is what Dolly BowBow is! 

Opening up the box you come across and little card inside. This talks through the pieces in side the box, for me it felt very personal and I liked that. On the other side is a gorgeous quote in gold which read 'Happiness is a Journey, not a Destination' another gorgeous touch. 

Opening up the pink tissue paper, you come across 4 white pouches. I love the detail and thought that gets put into get box. Inside each of the 4 pouches are the jewellery, I love that you can keep and store the pieces in the white pouches! 

 The first piece I came across was Gold Best Friends Necklace Set, this is such a lovely idea to be able to give your best friend something too! 

Gold Ornate Leaf Midi Ring, oh my goodness, I love this piece. Im not a massive jewellery person but this ring is just gorgeous. It fits well on all fingers so if you do have slightly smaller or larger fingers you should be good. 

Silver Deer Antlers Bracelet this is another very cute dainty piece. Absolutely love the little antlers very autumnal. Just gorgeous. 

Rose Gold Autumn Leaves Earrings, anyone that knows me knows how much I love rose gold so when I discovered these I fell in love. Again another gorgeous piece in the box. 

If the excitement from the last 4 pieces wasn't enough, underneath is the most gorgeous statement necklace! I find it really hard to find a piece that you can wear with most things and as this is a gold base necklace with tones of amber, mink, white and pearlised stones which just symbolise Autumn in one piece. I know that I will be wearing this a lot!! 

I am so impressed with everything in the box and I am very much converted into a jewellery kinda gal! If you haven't already go and have a lot at what gorgeous pieces are on the website. I know I will be getting more! 

Much Love 



Staying Organised

When it comes to having a blog notebook, coloured pens and scheduling become your life. Whether its juggling work/school with a blog or just drowning in stress from work/ school. I have a few tips and products that really help me to just balance work life, blogging and of course having a social life! 

Notebooks - This is one thing that helps keep my life together, I have got into the habit of writing everything down whether its to-do list, blog ideas, work bites. Everything that pops int my head or get told get written down as soon as!! On a side note post-tics notes are also brilliant for this!! 

Coloured Pens - I love coloured pens, it just make list writing and all those boring bites a little bit more fun. Even just having a highlighter to highlight the most important things if you not so much fond of having a very bright and colourful notebook - personally I love coloured pens!!! 

Use your Phone!!! - This may be really obvious to some people, and not to others. You can now get so many great organisation app on, and the best thing for me is everything in sync from my iPhone, to mac to iPad. No matter what device I pick up I know exactly where I am and what I need to do!! 

A Few Tips
Theses few little tips and tricks have really helped me to stay organised and hopefully you will be able to benefit too!

Always with a to so list for each day, every morning.
Colour pens make boring notes a lot more fun
Colour code for importance and different projects
Sync notes and calendars off and on phone

This is how I stay organised, I hope this help or gave you a few ideas! 

Much Love



September Favourites


I have been waiting to say this. I love love love Autumn and this is one monthly favourites I do not mind writing at all. I am very very happy that Autumn is here and the fact its Autumn is my first favourite! 

Staying with the Autumn theme I have loved dark nail polishes, berry lips and of course the new Autumn Starbucks illustrated cups. 

A few dark polishes Ive been loving are:OPI Got The Blues For Red and OPI Black Cherry Chutney. I just love dark on both toes and hands, add a little bit of glitter and I'm sorted! 

Berry lips are always a must for me in Autumn and a few I've been loving are Revlon Colourstay Balm Stain in 005 and Bourgeois Color Boost in Plum Russian and Urban Decay Lipgloss in Sesso. For me these just give that girlie vampy feel which I love love love!! 

To finish properly the most over excitable mostly favourites, I've ever written some random favourites. 

These two Paperchase notebook, they are just gorgeous. I have spotted a few more designed of these which I will be picking up for sure. They are just gorgeous!! 

A TV show that I've binged watched is Gotham. I am a massive marvel fan girl and love batman, and when I saw Gotham was on Netflix I had to get mt teeth into it and I must say I love it. Its an brilliant TV show and must watch if you haven't already!

Much Love 


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