Neal's Yard Haul & Mini Review

I have always wandered past Neal's Yard, loving the appearance and packaging yet I've never actually gone in and purchased anything. 

Until a few days ago, I had ran out of nearly all my skin care at once - typical! Being on the search for some new skin care products to try and I thought it was only fate for me to have a look in Neal's Yard. And I was impressed!! 

I was left alone to browse for a little while, before a lovely lady came up and asked if i needed any help. To which I explained I was looking for a day and night cream. She asked the usual questions ( skin type, main concerns) to I replied with no main concerns a few breakouts on jaw line. I really like how she listened me to and actually got a feel to what I really needed rather then just selling me anything. She also told me that the breakouts on my jaw are linked to kidneys so increasing my water intake would be half the battle with them!! 

She talked me through a day cream first which is the Rose & Mellow Moisturiser.  This is a cooling, restorative rose balances the complexion while mellow and almond soften and smooth for radiant skin. This retails at £22.00

Ive been using this for the last couple of days and so far I'm really liking it, it absorbs well into the skin considering it is quite think. Make up also applies better as well. 

For a night cream she recommended the Rose & Almond. Suitable for all skin types, to restore skin's natural balance and encourage daily regeneration. This is slightly lighter moisturiser, again I love this product! This retails at £21.50

Both products should last me about 3 months as only a pea size amount is needed. I would really recommend everyone to go in and have a look. The products are all gorgeous!! 

Much Love 


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