Staying Organised

When it comes to having a blog notebook, coloured pens and scheduling become your life. Whether its juggling work/school with a blog or just drowning in stress from work/ school. I have a few tips and products that really help me to just balance work life, blogging and of course having a social life! 

Notebooks - This is one thing that helps keep my life together, I have got into the habit of writing everything down whether its to-do list, blog ideas, work bites. Everything that pops int my head or get told get written down as soon as!! On a side note post-tics notes are also brilliant for this!! 

Coloured Pens - I love coloured pens, it just make list writing and all those boring bites a little bit more fun. Even just having a highlighter to highlight the most important things if you not so much fond of having a very bright and colourful notebook - personally I love coloured pens!!! 

Use your Phone!!! - This may be really obvious to some people, and not to others. You can now get so many great organisation app on, and the best thing for me is everything in sync from my iPhone, to mac to iPad. No matter what device I pick up I know exactly where I am and what I need to do!! 

A Few Tips
Theses few little tips and tricks have really helped me to stay organised and hopefully you will be able to benefit too!

Always with a to so list for each day, every morning.
Colour pens make boring notes a lot more fun
Colour code for importance and different projects
Sync notes and calendars off and on phone

This is how I stay organised, I hope this help or gave you a few ideas! 

Much Love


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