My Plant Pot Brush Holder


A few days ago i poped into Ikea, for anyone that doesn't know Ikea is a massive furniture and house decor things! Just to have a look and to get a few things - candles, fairylights.

Anyway, i needed a new make up brush stand and i couldnt find anything anywhere, untill we were in the garden section. I saw this pink plant pot and it was perfect! 

When i got home i tried it out, and its lovely! Im really pleased i decided to use a plant pot! It fits all my bushes in nicely aswell there is room for my collecetion to grow! 

If your stuck with not being able tot find a new brush holder, id recommend looking at plant pots! 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Are having a lovely day or evening! 

Much love 




My Morning Routine!

I used to be the type of girl whose morning or evenings routine would just be using a make up wipe. After finding out from friends and chatting with people I finally found out how bad make up wipes are for your skin!!

So a couple of months ago I made in my mission to get some facial products and get into a really good skin routine! To be honest I have seen a different in my skin, I do love all the products that I’m using!

I start of using my Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser; this is the most gorgeous smelly, gorgeous texture on your skin and leaves your skin feeling so soft and lovely! It also has pomegranates in it, which makes its very highly scented!

After this I then apply the Skin Perfection Radiance Revealing Gentle Exfoliator, This is a brilliant cheap exfoliator, and does the job! This product does also have a fragrant of orange so once again if you’re not into scented facial products then it may not be for you!

I finish of with my Good Things Bright Eyes Eye Cream; this is a lovely cream and blends in straightaway and my Nivea Rich Moisturising Day Cream. I have really dry skin and these to products have really helped to moisture and keep my skin from having dry patches.

I hope you have enjoyed my little post and are having a lovely day!

Much Love



A Fresh New Start...

For much of us, September is where we start something new! For me that would be starting my final year of beauty! (Cant believe this time next year i will be working full time - scary) However i have also decided to re-think the last year and move forward with some more postive actions and thoughts, which i will share with you :)

Some of these little positive actions are just a bit of fun and some have deeper meanings:

  1. To put as much time into love ones - whether this is family, friends or boyfriend - as before you know it you will be moving away from love ones and the time you get with them now may not be there in a year, two years to come! 
  2. To turn something negative into something positive - ive been really bad in the last year with always thinking about the negative things and never seeing the bigger picture, but i will try to not also jump to the negative all the time! 
  3. To make the most out of my final year of college - has much as it freaks me out big time, i do really want to do well in life and college is a great place to start!! 
  4. Having some 'me' time - this might sound horrible but i dont mean it how its reads! Im always being told i put friends first, always caring for them etc so im going to try and have one pamper evening each week! 
  5. Stick to staying healthy! - ive really got into being healthy, exercising etc and i really hope i can stick to it! Fingers crossed! 
There are my five little positive actions im going to try and move forward with into septmeber! If you have any id love to know so leave a comment below! 

I hole you enjoyed this post and are having a lovely day or evening!! 

Much love 


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