Whats In My Holiday Beauty Bag?

I am off for our annual family holiday, in a few days. For me one of the biggest and hardest decisions is what beauty bits do I take. Being a girl that has too much make up and too many samples this can take me a rather long time. If you can at all relate, I thought it would be a good idea to give you a glares into what beauty bits I will taking with me. 

Make Up
I go extreme when it comes to make up, I always seem to have to take every type of blusher to eyeliner on my holidays with me as you never know if you may need it. Just a few of my favourite pieces I will be taking away with me are: Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, Benefit High Beam, Lashes, The Body Shop Instablur BB Cream and also the primer as well. 

Even though I do normally do just take away my basic everyday make up routine, I also like to put a few new pieces or things I may have forgotten about away with me too. 

Skin Care 

I do normally just stick with my normal skin routine while I'm a way. However I will be taking a few samples away with me as well. ESPA 24hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser, ESPA Replenishing Moisturiser as well as the ESPA Pro Optimal Defence and of course St Topez in Shower Tan!! I will let you know how i get on with these little goodies! 

Much Love 



Summer Sunglasses

I have very much become obsessed with sunglasses this summer. I was always the boring one that wore the same pair for years. 

This has very much changed and I wanted to share with you just a few pairs that I have been loving this summer! 

Marks and Spencers, the gorgeous turquoise brimming is to die for. They look so expensive and chic and complete summer must have! 
All the other are from Asos, anyone that knows me, knows how much I obsess over Asos. There sunglasses range is just amazing from coloured lenses to detailing. 

Much Love 



Summer Skin Care Routine

My skin has been a little bit crazy lately so I have ben trying to just calm it down a little. I always love trying new beauty products and that is different what I've been doing since it got a little warmer! 
To remove all my make up in the evening I will use the Cleansing balm from The Body Shop. This is super gentle around the eyes and literally melts off my make up. Once all my make up is removed I will do a second cleanse, this cleanse is to deep clean my skin and make sure its all lovely and clean. To do this I've using a new purchase, Ren T-zone Oil Control Cleanser. So far I am liking with but I will have to see over the rest of the month. 

To tone my skin I was using The Santeruary Spa Pore Minimising Toner, this was a good okay toner but didn't love it. I rain out just over a week ago and would love if you have any recommendation as I'm in depressed need for one!! 

To moisturise eyes, I have been using the Clarins Eye Balm for properly that last 3 months and I love it. 1) It lasts a very long time, 2) It really does help bright and reduce creasing from under eye make up. This product slides and sinks in like water! For my face I have been using up two products both of these have been in and out of my routine for a while. They are Liz Earle Skin Repair and Clarins Hydra-Matte Lotion.     

As its summer I have been using an SPF every morning before I apply make up, again another Clarins product! Sun protection in 50+, can I just say this is amazing it doesn't smell like suncream, doesn't feel oil or greasy  This is a must have if yo are looking for an face suncream. 

Much Love 



What I Ate #2

This post was meant to go up last weekend but battling being ill and general life it never made it up, however it is here this week instead! 

As the weather has been super hot and lovely over the last couple of weeks, I have been eating fat free yogurt with berries. Normally either strawberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries and drizzled with a little honey. With a coffee on the side. 

Being on a health kick I have been lovely eating salad at lunch. I normally just buy a pre-packed one from a supermarket and have been loving this beetroot, quinoa and feta salad. Trying to up my water intake I had an big glass of water to pair this with. 

Dinner consists of salmon, roasted vegetables and baby potatoes. This is one of my favourite meals as I am a massive fish lover! To pair with this meal I had a naughty treat of cloudy lemonade, for me it can be a tad bitter so I just chop some strawberries and pop them in the drink too. 

Much Love



Summer OOTD

Dress H&M
Shoes ASOS
Sunglasses Marks & Spencers

The weather has been gorgeous lately, so today is just a quick little summer OOTD. This has to be one of the most comfiest dresses ever, this is a gorgeous little outfit if you have just got a bit of a run around day or a lunch date. 

Much Love 



Favourite Apps

My phone is always glued to my hand, whether I'm checking up on blogs, YouTube or scrolling through social media. My phone is always at arms reach. I thought I would share with you what my most used favourites app are. 

I properly spend most of my day scrolling through these two. I love knowing what other are up to, and theses are the best apps for being nosy. I also use both to promote my blog so if your not following make sure you are to keep up to date with all the posts! From having Instagram I have grown a love for photography and editing. 

Any photos that you see on any of my social media has properly been edited in Afterlight. I love this app for editing photos, you can change everything from the brightness to the highlights to the filters. Once I am happy with my edited photos and its going up on Instagram I will open the photo up in Whitagram. Whitagram is an app that will square your photo so it will fit into a Instagram, without cutting the it! These two are the only apps I used to edited photos for social media. 

If you are a fellow blogger, then you will be very aware of what Bloglovin is. For those who don't its a place that hold all your favourite blogs in one place and also discover new ones. So simple concept but a life changer. This app makes it so easy to stay up the date with all my favourite bloggers. 

Living with England an good weather app is a must have. AccWeather is by far - in my opinion- the best one out there. On more then one occasion it has rained when it said it would and I do trust what it says for the day ahead. It allows you the look 15 days in advance and tells you all sort of things which I find super helpful if I have a event planned, or a day trip. 

I am always trying to watch what I eat. This app has really helped me. It makes you write down everything that you have eaten and drunk during each day. The app does also reminds you to tracked any food through that day which I find some helpful. A good app for people who are dieting and trying to watch what they eat. 

Much Love 



#WeAreBeautiful Campaign with BooHoo

A few weeks ago I got an email from Boohoo asking if I wanted to be apart of their #WeAreBeautiful campaign. The campaign appreciates that there isn't one 'perfect' body type and that every girl is gorgeous in their own way, and that summer isn't just for the supermodel!  

Boohoo want to encourage girls to feel happy and comfortable in their own skin, so they are starting a body confidence series. 

Boohoo asked me to share my body confidence story, and let me chose some gorgeous pieces that would make me feel beautiful and confident this summer. Before you start reading I just want to mention that I am still very much on my journey to loving my body and I am not perfect! 

 Overcoming insecurities starts by accepting who you are and learning to love it, it could be anything from your hair to stomach to your toes. For me overcoming insecurities is something that will be ongoing as you get older and life changes. Just a few insecurities that I have overcome is: my curves I always thought it was a bad thing to have curves to your body but with growing up I have realised that they are a good thing and I’m now not ashamed of them! My feet was always something I would cover up, I danced a lot which has ruined my feet. I learned to love them by having a pedicure now and again - this may sound so silly to some people - but I found if they look pretty with a nice colour polish then I would just have to show them off and now in summer I always have my feet out in sandals. 

For me, feeling beautiful and confident in my body is down to a few things that everyone can do. First thing that I do is just write down a few positive notes every morning, not only does this start the day off on a positive but it your having a bad day you can always read back through the notes. I also learned what sort of clothing and swim wear that flatter my body, for me a high waisted bikini looks lovely and does make me feel more confident. Also little things like taking time out for your self whether that be reading a book, watching a film or just spending a little extra time on your make up and can have a massive influence on how you feel within. 

I am ready to take on summer because I feel good within my self. I have a few key pieces that will take me through the summer feeling confident and beautiful. I have learnt that I don't need to be a certain size, where certain clothing or anything to be beautiful, you just have to be your self! 

On a side note can we just appreciate how gorgeous theses two pieces are. I love the high waisted bikini and the cover up is to die for. Pieces I love to have in my summer suitcase. 

Bikini and cover up were send to me from Boohoo but all content is my own. 

This is my body confidence story, I would love to know what your is?

Much Love 



June Favourites

Somehow its already July?!?

It is beyond crazy how quickly this year is going and I know I say this every month, but honestly can't believe it! 

One of my first favourites of the month is my birthday. Last month I turned 20, I spend the day with family. Was just a lovely chilled day!

Moving more onto beauty favourites I have been loving my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - this has been my go to foundation for the last couple of months. I love the coverage and the staying power. For a blush and bronzer I have been loving The Body Shop Honey Bronzer and the Benefit Dandelion Blusher. These two work so perfectly together gives you that natural look summer glow! Lastly, I have always loved the Real Techniques brushes, however after receiving a few of the Metal Collection I have fallen end over heels even more. These brushes apply make up gorgeous and wash really well too!

 That is all I have been loving beauty wise, moving onto random little bites.

Fragrance last month was another birthday present. Clarins Eau des Jardins, this has a gorgeous watermelon, rose smell to it. Very summery and refreshing. 

TV show is an easy one. Pretty Little Liars. Oh.MyGod. I am completely obsessed and loving the new series with airs every Wednesday on Netflicks!! 

For some of you this favourite may surprise you. I have a book favourite this month. This month I had read and finished a book my John Green - Looking For Alaska. For theses who haven't read it, I wouldn't give much away bit what I will say is its a complete must read. There are high and low points through out the book. Since finishing Looking For Alaska I have moved onto #GirlBoss, which I am also loving! 

Much Love 


Summer Reads

I have never been a massive reader. I would be the girl that would flick through the magazines to look at the pictures. However I have made it my mission over the last  couple of months to start reading. So far its going well, I did some research about certain books to try and find some that i would enjoy as for me thats half the problem! 

With Summer official here and we are all looking for summer reads, I though I would share with you some of my favourites. A couple of these I have read and the other I haven't put they sound good! 

Looking For Alaska by John Green
This book is beautiful written, there are ups and down in the book through out. I finished this book within  a couple weeks for starting. There defiantly is some points during the book that will take your breathe away, I was shocked in some points. 

#GirlBoss By Sophia Amoruso
This book has been all over social media, and the reason to why to picked it up. Its written by the founder and CEO of Nasty Girls. The book talks about her personal joinery from 'riches to rags' To me the massage of empowering women jumped out and the main reason I wanted to give it a read. 

GoldFlinch By Donna Tartt
This is one I have yet to read.
Im very much looking forward to reading book that is something I wouldn't normally reach towards. 

Gone Girl By Gillain Flynn
From when the film was released everyone started talking about the book and whether I had read it (which I havent) this again is a completely different type of genre then what i normally picked up! I am very excited to read this then watch the film! 

I will most properly be taking #Girlboss and Gone Girl on holiday with me this year. 

Much Love 


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