Summer Reads

I have never been a massive reader. I would be the girl that would flick through the magazines to look at the pictures. However I have made it my mission over the last  couple of months to start reading. So far its going well, I did some research about certain books to try and find some that i would enjoy as for me thats half the problem! 

With Summer official here and we are all looking for summer reads, I though I would share with you some of my favourites. A couple of these I have read and the other I haven't put they sound good! 

Looking For Alaska by John Green
This book is beautiful written, there are ups and down in the book through out. I finished this book within  a couple weeks for starting. There defiantly is some points during the book that will take your breathe away, I was shocked in some points. 

#GirlBoss By Sophia Amoruso
This book has been all over social media, and the reason to why to picked it up. Its written by the founder and CEO of Nasty Girls. The book talks about her personal joinery from 'riches to rags' To me the massage of empowering women jumped out and the main reason I wanted to give it a read. 

GoldFlinch By Donna Tartt
This is one I have yet to read.
Im very much looking forward to reading book that is something I wouldn't normally reach towards. 

Gone Girl By Gillain Flynn
From when the film was released everyone started talking about the book and whether I had read it (which I havent) this again is a completely different type of genre then what i normally picked up! I am very excited to read this then watch the film! 

I will most properly be taking #Girlboss and Gone Girl on holiday with me this year. 

Much Love 


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