Monthly Favourites | October

I stumbled across this monthly favourites from last month that I must of completely forgot to upload, and as my favourites haven't changed much from September. I thought I would upload this and just add in a few extra new favourites for you all!

This year is just going way to quickly! Today, I'm going to share with you a few new discoveries within the skincare and of course a few random favourites too! 

Skincare & Beauty 
About a month ago, I was introduced to a new skin care brand, Agera. This brand is all designed around targeting concerns and bringing results. The products are all made in a lab containing your salicylic acid, retinol, vitamin C. Ingredients that in a way going to impact the skin and targeting the main concern whether that be blemish, oily skin to your more dehydrated dull skin. 

I was really intrigued to see how this skin care would work and impact my skin. Over the last couple of the months I've been suffering with blemish and breakout and generally congested skin. I was drawn toward their 21 day trail kits, this allows you to try out a full routine for 21 days at such a good price. I brought the one to help clarify, it didn't disappointment. 

Within a few days I've skin cleared up massively, all I was left with where little red marks rather then spots. Any spots I did get during the 21 days, didn't stay around very long and wasn't as painful. As a whole my skin looked brighter and clear.

Ive also been loving a few samples that I received in a gift with purchase with Estée Lauder. I have never used any skin care from this brand, honestly I forget that they do skin care. I was super excited to try these and I fell in love with them, firstly Perfectly Clean Cleanser this is just a good basic cleanser, really good at getting rid of any dirt grim on the skin. Perfect for that deep clean. Second product his a day moisturiser, this is an advance multi-protection Anti-oxident creme again this is just gorgeous as a staple for a day cream.

Moving onto more beauty. I stumbled across a brand called Spectrum on Instagram. Oh my, the brushes are to die for. I just had to get my hands on a set. I brought the Marbleous 5 Piece Sculpt Set. 

These brushes are just incredible, from the look to how well they wash. I love love love them and now have a slight addiction. 

Even though we are in Autumn the weather has been very warm, until a few days ago. I have been loving cosy jumpers, a few I recently brought have been in consent use over the last couple of days. Both of these are from Topshop. I love Topshop jumpers, i find them so cosy comfy and perfect for just throwing on with jeans and a big floppy hat! I have been specially loving my grey jumper, its slightly longer then a cropped but look perfect when wearing plus its so soft and washes perfectly! 
Love love love!!

First random is a TV show I've been watching on Netflix. I think I've watched all series in a couple months, I was just hooked. Anyone that knows me, know that I love a good crime, investigation thriller. I was recommend Prison Break by a lot of people and it is worth the watch.

They are all my favourites for October. 

Have a lovely rest of your day

Much love



Neutral Autumnal Look

I love a dark berry lip when it comes to Autumn but I don't always feel confident or brave enough to.  When those days arrive, a very close second for me is a golden bronzey look. Today that is the look I want to share with you. 

Always getting distance and taking selfies ! 

A few favourites for this look: Estèe Lauder Double Wear Foundation and Concealer, Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Dandelion Blush. 

For eyes, an old favourite Naked Palette, a good winged liner and Estèe Lauder Black Primer and Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara. 

Lips a new product, Estèe Lauder Tea Rose lipstick.  

Much Love 



Autumn Stroll

Nothing is more perfect then hearing the sound of crisp leaves under your feet, as your scrolling through a ray of orange, yellow and red. With the smell of burning fireplaces and steaming hot chocolates. 
Something that has to be done on a Sunday afternoon. 

Much Love 



A Massive Lush | Autumn & Christmas Collection

When it comes to the colder months nothing can beat a nice warm bubble bath after a long day. As the months are getting colder, I knew that it was about time to take a little trip into Lush and pick up some goodies.

As I'm sure your aware they have just released their Autumn/ Halloween and Christmas collection, I picked up a few pieces from the collection as well as a few re-buys. 

Starting with their new collection. 
I picked up Pumpkin - this is very sweet and has a inlining spice to the scent. The Christmas Penguin - not only is this the cutest thing I have ever seen it also contents orange extract and mandarin both very relaxing. Autumn Leaf - to me this smell what autumn is! Snow Fairy - this is just gorgeous!! Golden Bomb - this one is very citrus, a great for uplift plus it looks amazing! Shoot For The Stars - again to me this is a sweet scent with an underling spice. Butterbear - this contain vanilla and coca bean this will be perfect for those evening wh
en we need a little hug!! 

I got just two re-purchases. Yoga Bomb and Lava Lamp. I love both of these and they smell just amazing! 

I will for getting more from the collection as everything is just so cute and I want it all!! 

Have you purchased anything from the Lush Autumn/Halloween and Christmas collection?

Much love 



Autumnal Day Look

When the leaves start to change colour and it get a littler colder, my whole make up routine seems to change too. 

I love a fuller coverage foundation, roser check and a dark berry lip. As nothing beats a dark lip around Autumn and Winter. 

I have a few staple Autumn pieces that are a must for me in my make up routine. First is a good base, my skin can get a lot drier in the colder months and without a good primer I end up with dry patches and my foundation just doesn't look flawless. I love the Benefit Porefessional, I apply with my fingers and it creates a smooth layer for your base to be applied on to. 

My base for me changes with the season. For when it gets a little colder I love Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and Concealer both give a flawless completion and have amazing staying power during the colder months. To add a little more colour to my face I love Benefits Rockateur blush, this is just stunning both in the packaging as well as on the face. It gives the rosey highlighted glow to the checks, which I think it exactly what you need in Autumn.     

Moving more into eyes, for me nothing really changes. I still love the winged look however I have recently discovered a new staple in my life. I got given this is a free gift, didn't think much of it until I used it. Estee Lauder's Little Black Primer, this products goes underneath your mascara and it meant to length and tint your natural lashes. When applied on its own the lashes do look gorgeous and on those day were make up isn't a must this product would be amazing. I however apply my mascara over the top, from having the primer underneath my mascara went on so much nicer my lashes were darker, longer and more fluttery!! 

Perfect for those Autumn dates!! 

Berry lips, dark lips, red lip. I love them for Autumn, they just look gorgeous and can instantly make a look, look for glam and sophisticated. I'm not so good with a lipstick and getting the line striaght so I love the colour crayons. The application is quick easy and perfect for touch ups during the day. 

Currently this is my favourite staples for creating that perfect Autumn look.

Much Love



London Follow me Around

Exploring London is my favourite thing to do, especially when the leaves are changing colour and it gets a little bit chiller, wondering around with coffee in hand. 

That was exactly what my boyfriend and I did at the weekend, the whether has been getting colder over the last couple of days and as it was my weekend of so we thought we would take a spontounes trip into London.  

As everywhere was looking very autumnal I thought I would put some of my favourite pictures from the day into a post. Not only to share with you but also for me to remember the day and to look back at.

Wondering around a few of the back streets and markets in Old Spitalfields and Greenwich. 

Out of nowhere these gorgeous massive building were upon us, still have no idea what they are used for but still gorgeous!! 

Beautiful views from Greenwich over looking the river. 

Top - ASOS
Jacket - ASOS - A few years ago 

Bills for lunch finished are little trip into London The day was gorgeous and it was nice to find some new discoveries. 

Much Love



New In | The Body Shop Masks

Over the last month or so there has been some new skin care products floating their way through social media. Everywhere you turn you see even more press about these, the publicity and hype around these products have been insane. Which of course mean i just had to get my hands on a couple. 

The new Body Shop masks.

I have few staples in my beauty collection from the body shop that are always a die hard product, I always tend to re-buy rather then explore their new ranges and delve into products I wouldn't normally use. That all changed when I was scrolling through Instagram and came across there new range of masks.  

These masks are all individually developed from traditions, 100% vegetarian and use the finest ingredients. I must say they smell so fresh and divine, the only thing I would be concerned about it how long they last as the ingredients are so pure and clean. Applying them and having them on the skin make me feel like i was in a spa, the quality of ingredients and the time that has gone into each mask can really be seen.

I picked up two from the collection of 5, the Chinese Ginseng & Rice and Charcoal Mask. others in the collection are, Ethiopian Honey, Amazonian Acai and British Rose. 

Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask 

This mask smells incredible, and feels gorgeous on the skin. The mask is inspired by Chinese traditions containing Ginseng, Rice and Sesame Seed which brightens, evens and revitalises giving the skin an intense treatment. This mask is brilliant for removing dullness and unevenness, the skin appears brighter, smoother with the pores reducing appearing smaller. 

Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

The mask is inspired by Ayurvedic tradition containing Bamboo, Tea Tree, Green Tea. These ingredients help to dry out impurities and excess oil. Antioxidants and Catechin help to exfoliate, also help the skin to protect itself from the environment. This mask is perfect for a deep cleanse releasing impurities and toxins therefore detoxifying helping the skin to become smoother with a radiant glow. 

I love these new masks, they are super easy to apply to the face and to remove as well. I will be purchasing the other three as they are just perfect staple product for everyone to have in there beauty draw. At retailing at £15, I think they are worth the money for sure baring in mind the quality of the ingredients used. 

Have you tried any of the Masks?

Much Love 


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