A Massive Lush | Autumn & Christmas Collection

When it comes to the colder months nothing can beat a nice warm bubble bath after a long day. As the months are getting colder, I knew that it was about time to take a little trip into Lush and pick up some goodies.

As I'm sure your aware they have just released their Autumn/ Halloween and Christmas collection, I picked up a few pieces from the collection as well as a few re-buys. 

Starting with their new collection. 
I picked up Pumpkin - this is very sweet and has a inlining spice to the scent. The Christmas Penguin - not only is this the cutest thing I have ever seen it also contents orange extract and mandarin both very relaxing. Autumn Leaf - to me this smell what autumn is! Snow Fairy - this is just gorgeous!! Golden Bomb - this one is very citrus, a great for uplift plus it looks amazing! Shoot For The Stars - again to me this is a sweet scent with an underling spice. Butterbear - this contain vanilla and coca bean this will be perfect for those evening wh
en we need a little hug!! 

I got just two re-purchases. Yoga Bomb and Lava Lamp. I love both of these and they smell just amazing! 

I will for getting more from the collection as everything is just so cute and I want it all!! 

Have you purchased anything from the Lush Autumn/Halloween and Christmas collection?

Much love 


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