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Exploring London is my favourite thing to do, especially when the leaves are changing colour and it gets a little bit chiller, wondering around with coffee in hand. 

That was exactly what my boyfriend and I did at the weekend, the whether has been getting colder over the last couple of days and as it was my weekend of so we thought we would take a spontounes trip into London.  

As everywhere was looking very autumnal I thought I would put some of my favourite pictures from the day into a post. Not only to share with you but also for me to remember the day and to look back at.

Wondering around a few of the back streets and markets in Old Spitalfields and Greenwich. 

Out of nowhere these gorgeous massive building were upon us, still have no idea what they are used for but still gorgeous!! 

Beautiful views from Greenwich over looking the river. 

Top - ASOS
Jacket - ASOS - A few years ago 

Bills for lunch finished are little trip into London The day was gorgeous and it was nice to find some new discoveries. 

Much Love


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