Comparing Ren & Liz Earle Hot Cloth

Yes two skin care post in a week, i told you I has some crazy women who hords skin care! 

I have loved hot cloth cleanses for about a year now, they make my skin feeling so gorgeously soft and brighten. I have properly tried out over a dozen or so and have come down to my top two favourite. The Ren hot cloth cleanser and Liz Earle cleanse and polish. 

Ren Hot Cloth Cleanser - This is a gorgeous rich two-phase cleanser that purifies, decongests and gently exfoliates and removals all make up. It leaves skin refreshed, radiant, smoothed and replenished without dryness or tightness. Which retails at £16.00. I do believe this product does everything it says on the tin, its a lovely creamy texture which glides on removing everything. 

It really does leave the skin feeling gorgeous without being left dry! It doesn't really have a scent which I don't really mind. Overall I love this product I think it will always have a place sat in my skin care cupboard, it does what it says it does which I love plus is just so easy and quick to use which is always a bonus! 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish - This also claims the same as the Ren cleanser, ideal for your morning or evening cleanse the formulation works on every age and skin type. This cleaner is a plant-based cleanser which also has a two-phase action. The product is free from mineral oil, has a rich and creamy texture which helps remove all traces of face and eye make up. While cleansing it gently dislodges dead skin cells and help to reveal clean, soft and radiant skin. 

This product is out of this world, yes it very much does what it say like the Ren cleanser however this cleanser smells amazing, feels amazing on the skin and leaves the skin feeling gorgeous. I have noticed such a different in my skin since I've been using this product! This product retails at round about £15.50 , you can also buy the product in trios, travel sizes etc which I think is an amazing little idea. 
Over all I think I love hot cloth cleanser and theses are two of my favourite. I would love to know if you have any favourites and why?
Much Love


Empties | Sample Edition

Being a skincare junkie, I hone in on anything that may help to brighten, refresh and just generally help my skin. Over the last couple of months I have gone a little bit over board with all the samples - shameful I know - theses samples are a range from ESPA and Clarins, I thought that some of you may interseted in what I thought of them and whether they are worth the price. 

ESPA Hydrating Floral Spa Fresh - This is a gorgeous toner, with an out of this world floral scent. Contains rose damascene helps to smooth and protects while neroli rejuvenates for soft replenished skin, this helps to lock in moisture for serums and moisturiser. I would defiantly repurchase this product i absolutely love it! 

ESPA Hydrating Cleansing Milk - Effective gentle cleanser which helps smoothened hydrates, works really well with the hydrating toner. Contains Soya Bean oil help to nourish and moistures, marshmallow, rose geranium and camomile to calm and smooth to leave the skin some and cleansed. This product will be on my wish list for next month, it really is worth the money!! 

Clarins Hydra-Quench Cream - This is a gorgeous light and silky feeling which just leaves the skin nourished and hydrated. I did repurchase the lotion version of this and it has defiantly made such a good improvement on my skin. Love it! 

Clarins Cleansing Milk - This cleansing milk help remove make up and impurities, contains plant extract such as gentian, hawthorn and sage which help to balance oil. I wouldn't replace this as I just didn't think it did much for my skin type and conditions but I'm sure others would love it! 

Clarins Toning Lotion - This product is alcohol free with purifying iris and sage. Removes all traces of cleaner and dirt leaving the skin soft and radiant. Tones and tights pores while helping normalise surface oil. This is such a gorgeous toner and did everything it said it would do, will be getting the full size of this for sure!! 

Claris Daily Energiser Wake Up Booster - This has a moisturising action to leave the skin feeling soft while toning refreshes proving a pleasant feeling on the skin. Skin is left looking radiant and healthy. I wouldn't repurchases this toner as I believe the previous one I talked about just worked better on my skin. 

Claris Eye Contour Balm - This product is an age fighting balm helps to minimise wrinkles, fine lines, while protecting the very variable skin around the eyes. This is a lovely product to use for anyone who may think they are 'too young for an age fighting eye cream' as ageing can start from a very young age! The product is lightweight and refreshing allowing eye makeup to be applied a lot smoothly. This is at the top pf my list for products I need! 

ESPA 24 Hour Replenishing Moisturiser - This is another product that helps protect early signs of ageing. Containing Myrrh, Frankincense and enrol which help to stimulate cell renewal, Vitunm E peach and kennel oil helps to protect from the environment. This product leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished. This really did make an improvement to my skin and because of that I shall be repurchasing! 

That are all my samples empties over the last couple of months. I would love to know if you have any samples or skin care products that you will repurchase or not? 

Much Love 



Months Most Wants | February Edition

I have really been lusting over a lot of products, putting them on my metal wish list. Hoping one day i will purchase them to add to my continuously growing collection.  

I thought i would do ones of these every month or every other month, to just show you what that months most wants are. I do love reading other peoples Must Have posts so i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i do.

They are just a few things that I've got my eye on for this month. I would love to know what beauty, skin care or fashion items you have your eyes on?! 

Much Love 



Quick Half Up Half Down | Hair Tutorial

I was scrolling through my Pinterest, looking at the many hair styles and just thinking how gorgeous they all were and how lazy and boring i am with my own hair. Always having the same thing day in day out! 

I had a brainwave why don't i just try something new. So after many tries and fails i put together this cute little hair up half down hair style with two little french plaits at the side, leading around to the back where they are all bobby pinned into place to look kinda like a french pastry! 

There are properly lots and lots of better cute little hair styles out there, but I'm quite proud of how well my one turned out ( plus its super quick)

For this hair style you will need day old hair (washed either the day to night before) this just gives it a bit more grip and hold making the plating a bit easier. Just take to sections from each side and french plait till you get to just behind the ear, carry on with a normal plait all the way to the end. Once both sides are drenched plaits all need now is a lot of bobby pins! Just hold and pin the hair into place until you are happy with it and to finish it off a lot of hair spray! 

Do you have any quick hair styles you like to do? 

Much Love 


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