Quick Half Up Half Down | Hair Tutorial

I was scrolling through my Pinterest, looking at the many hair styles and just thinking how gorgeous they all were and how lazy and boring i am with my own hair. Always having the same thing day in day out! 

I had a brainwave why don't i just try something new. So after many tries and fails i put together this cute little hair up half down hair style with two little french plaits at the side, leading around to the back where they are all bobby pinned into place to look kinda like a french pastry! 

There are properly lots and lots of better cute little hair styles out there, but I'm quite proud of how well my one turned out ( plus its super quick)

For this hair style you will need day old hair (washed either the day to night before) this just gives it a bit more grip and hold making the plating a bit easier. Just take to sections from each side and french plait till you get to just behind the ear, carry on with a normal plait all the way to the end. Once both sides are drenched plaits all need now is a lot of bobby pins! Just hold and pin the hair into place until you are happy with it and to finish it off a lot of hair spray! 

Do you have any quick hair styles you like to do? 

Much Love 



  1. Lovely hairstyle I might try it out

  2. Whoa! Looks so cool and I like how quick it is!



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