Lazy Day

Last week, I met an old friend for lunch and a good girlie catch up. I thought I would share with you with make up I normally wear on a lazy day and also the food we ate. 

Make Up
Both hair and makeup was very simple. I just loosely curled by hair and tied half of it up, this is perfect to get your hair out of your face.

I had a watermelon juice and a fish finger sandwich.

Much Love 



A 'Pick Me Up' Evening Routine

We all have them days where we just feel a bit rubbish. Normally for me when I have days like this, I will run myself a bath, read a book or magazines and just have some time for myself. I will also put my phone on flight mode so i won't get distracted by that buzzing off. 

Lately for me a lush bath bomb has been a must!! I love how nourishing they leave the skin feeling and the colours are just gorgeous. I think the one I used was called 'Think Pink' 

For body products I will always use the original range from soap and glory for those time I need a little pick me up. I find this range comforting in the way it smells and leaves the skin feeling gorgeous after. 

I will need to get the full sizes of this once I've used up all the sample! 

For face prep, i will take off any make up using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, i'll use the Elemis White Brightening Even Tone Cleanser to use as a second cleaner. To exfoliate I've been loving the Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It ( I will just use this on my t-zone) the last product I will use in to prep is the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner. 

For treatment I will used Origins Clear Improvements mask. Once the mask is on i will have my bath, read a book or magazines while it dries. 

Once removed I will follow up with hydration, for eyes I love the Clarins Eye Contour Balm and for face Elemis Hydra-Nourish Night Cream. If I have any breakouts I will just place a little of Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask on each. 

Much Love 



Lush Cravings

I've never really been a fan of Lush, if i'm honest. I just found the smell so over powering. Saying this, in the last month I've had a massive craving for baths and bath bombs! 

I've found having a bath before I go to bed really helps me unwind and sleep a lot better, so to go with this new bath routine I thought I would get some bath bombs from lush and now I'm hooked.

So far I love yoga bomb and Frozen, I will be stocking up with those. If you have any favourites I would love to know yours.

I would love to try more products from Lush, as so far I've only used the bath bombs. Are the bath comforters good? Any shower gels you love?

Also their skin care! I have the bug and want to try it all!!!! 

I think the next purchases for me from Lush will be the Valentines range, Ive been seeing the range all over Instagram and I need them all!!!!

Much Love



What I Eat

I always love seeing what other people are eating, from week to week. Always gives me so much inspiration of what I would like to try myself. 

For breakfast it was the same porridge and a cup of coffee. I added some berries and also had a green juice. I don't juice them up myself, I buy them ready done in Marks and Spencer's. 

During the week if I'm working, I'll either pop into a coffee shop and get something. More lately I've been going to this little pop up shop for lunch. I will either have a haollomi wrap or a chilli pot. On this one time I popped into Pret and picked up chicken salad, coffee and a fruit pot. So delicious!! 

Dinner was done by dad, which constants of grilled chicken, a rocket salad and rosemary crispy potatoes. Which was amazing. Mum also cooked some of her Italian bread with olive oil. As a paring they both go so well together! 

Much Love 



This Year I Want Too

Picture from Pinterest 

This time of year is when everyone starts with there new year resolutions. Every where on social media we see the quote 'New year New Me' I didn't want this post to be the same. Back in the summer I wrote a post What I Want To Do This Summer, this was a list of a few things I wanted to achieve. 

I thought I would write another one for the New Year, here are just a few little changes I would like to either carry on doing this year or would like to add. 

Carry on Drinking 2 litres of Water 
Towards the second half of least year I got really good at drinking plenty of water. I found that it really benefited my skin, reduced the amount of headaches I was getting and just in generally felt good. I really want to try and carry this on into this year as I am really impressed with myself that I've managed to do it this far. 

Taking Time Out For Myself
We all get so caught up in the world. Whether its work, personal life or even social media. This year I really want to just take out time for myself whether its turning my phone off and reading for a couple of hours, taking a long bath, or even going on a spa day. I think this is one that everyone should do. 

Be Healthy
Last year I turned around my eating habits, I reduced the amount of sugar and fat I was eating. Im not saying I want to lose weight this year and start going to the gym ( as that won't happened) but I do want to carry on being healthy. Eating a balanced diet and exercising - I've been using a few fitness apps which help me track what I'm eating and also to do fun workouts. 

Enjoy The Little Moments
Like I've said before we get all caught up with showing the best bites on social media, we get so caught up on the little world of are phone; that we may loss out in some of the mosts special moments  in life. This year I really want to enjoy all those little things whether they are good ones fun of joy or sad ones. 

Just a few things I want to carry on and improve for this year.

Do you have anything thing you will be being into 2016?

Much Love 



Winter Walk

Nothing really beats a winter walk through the wood on a cold muddy afternoon.

Much Love



To 2016!!

It is beyond crazy how fast this year has gone. There has been some highs and also some lows. There will be memories I will never forget, some experiences I will never forget and some good old laughing fits as well.

Overall its been a good year, i hope 2016 will follow in 2015 foot sets. I can not wait to see what 2016 has in store within the blogging world, work life and personal. 

I want to share even more of these little experiences and memories on this blog in the coming year, as well as the usual fashion and make up pieces as well.

Thank you so much to everyone that reads and supports my blog, I have seen it grown a lot over the last year so thank you!! 

I hope 2016 begins you hope and joy. 

Much Love 


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