What I Eat

I always love seeing what other people are eating, from week to week. Always gives me so much inspiration of what I would like to try myself. 

For breakfast it was the same porridge and a cup of coffee. I added some berries and also had a green juice. I don't juice them up myself, I buy them ready done in Marks and Spencer's. 

During the week if I'm working, I'll either pop into a coffee shop and get something. More lately I've been going to this little pop up shop for lunch. I will either have a haollomi wrap or a chilli pot. On this one time I popped into Pret and picked up chicken salad, coffee and a fruit pot. So delicious!! 

Dinner was done by dad, which constants of grilled chicken, a rocket salad and rosemary crispy potatoes. Which was amazing. Mum also cooked some of her Italian bread with olive oil. As a paring they both go so well together! 

Much Love 


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