Lush Cravings

I've never really been a fan of Lush, if i'm honest. I just found the smell so over powering. Saying this, in the last month I've had a massive craving for baths and bath bombs! 

I've found having a bath before I go to bed really helps me unwind and sleep a lot better, so to go with this new bath routine I thought I would get some bath bombs from lush and now I'm hooked.

So far I love yoga bomb and Frozen, I will be stocking up with those. If you have any favourites I would love to know yours.

I would love to try more products from Lush, as so far I've only used the bath bombs. Are the bath comforters good? Any shower gels you love?

Also their skin care! I have the bug and want to try it all!!!! 

I think the next purchases for me from Lush will be the Valentines range, Ive been seeing the range all over Instagram and I need them all!!!!

Much Love


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