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My phone is always glued to my hand, whether I'm checking up on blogs, YouTube or scrolling through social media. My phone is always at arms reach. I thought I would share with you what my most used favourites app are. 

I properly spend most of my day scrolling through these two. I love knowing what other are up to, and theses are the best apps for being nosy. I also use both to promote my blog so if your not following make sure you are to keep up to date with all the posts! From having Instagram I have grown a love for photography and editing. 

Any photos that you see on any of my social media has properly been edited in Afterlight. I love this app for editing photos, you can change everything from the brightness to the highlights to the filters. Once I am happy with my edited photos and its going up on Instagram I will open the photo up in Whitagram. Whitagram is an app that will square your photo so it will fit into a Instagram, without cutting the it! These two are the only apps I used to edited photos for social media. 

If you are a fellow blogger, then you will be very aware of what Bloglovin is. For those who don't its a place that hold all your favourite blogs in one place and also discover new ones. So simple concept but a life changer. This app makes it so easy to stay up the date with all my favourite bloggers. 

Living with England an good weather app is a must have. AccWeather is by far - in my opinion- the best one out there. On more then one occasion it has rained when it said it would and I do trust what it says for the day ahead. It allows you the look 15 days in advance and tells you all sort of things which I find super helpful if I have a event planned, or a day trip. 

I am always trying to watch what I eat. This app has really helped me. It makes you write down everything that you have eaten and drunk during each day. The app does also reminds you to tracked any food through that day which I find some helpful. A good app for people who are dieting and trying to watch what they eat. 

Much Love 



  1. Love this post! Whiteagram sounds great, must check it out! xx
    Jasmine's Life Blog

    1. Thank you. Whitagram is a life changer!

      Alice xx


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