#WeAreBeautiful Campaign with BooHoo

A few weeks ago I got an email from Boohoo asking if I wanted to be apart of their #WeAreBeautiful campaign. The campaign appreciates that there isn't one 'perfect' body type and that every girl is gorgeous in their own way, and that summer isn't just for the supermodel!  

Boohoo want to encourage girls to feel happy and comfortable in their own skin, so they are starting a body confidence series. 

Boohoo asked me to share my body confidence story, and let me chose some gorgeous pieces that would make me feel beautiful and confident this summer. Before you start reading I just want to mention that I am still very much on my journey to loving my body and I am not perfect! 

 Overcoming insecurities starts by accepting who you are and learning to love it, it could be anything from your hair to stomach to your toes. For me overcoming insecurities is something that will be ongoing as you get older and life changes. Just a few insecurities that I have overcome is: my curves I always thought it was a bad thing to have curves to your body but with growing up I have realised that they are a good thing and I’m now not ashamed of them! My feet was always something I would cover up, I danced a lot which has ruined my feet. I learned to love them by having a pedicure now and again - this may sound so silly to some people - but I found if they look pretty with a nice colour polish then I would just have to show them off and now in summer I always have my feet out in sandals. 

For me, feeling beautiful and confident in my body is down to a few things that everyone can do. First thing that I do is just write down a few positive notes every morning, not only does this start the day off on a positive but it your having a bad day you can always read back through the notes. I also learned what sort of clothing and swim wear that flatter my body, for me a high waisted bikini looks lovely and does make me feel more confident. Also little things like taking time out for your self whether that be reading a book, watching a film or just spending a little extra time on your make up and can have a massive influence on how you feel within. 

I am ready to take on summer because I feel good within my self. I have a few key pieces that will take me through the summer feeling confident and beautiful. I have learnt that I don't need to be a certain size, where certain clothing or anything to be beautiful, you just have to be your self! 

On a side note can we just appreciate how gorgeous theses two pieces are. I love the high waisted bikini and the cover up is to die for. Pieces I love to have in my summer suitcase. 

Bikini and cover up were send to me from Boohoo but all content is my own. 

This is my body confidence story, I would love to know what your is?

Much Love 


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