Dolly BowBow Autumn Box

I have always loved the Youtube Kate Murnane aka DollyBowBow. If you haven't already go and check her channel out, she also has a gorgeous blog. Along side being a YouTuber, Blogger and Mum she has the most gorgeous jewellery shop as well. Ive always looked from a distance, Im not a massive jewellery person so never purchased anything, however a few months ago Kate launch Dolly Boxes. The idea of these are, 4 items are selected from rings, bracelets, necklaces from gold and sliver pieces. Inside the box as well there is a statement necklace. The items inside the box are all a surprises, which I love the concept off. Beginning of this month I treated myself to one and I am over excited and amazed with not only the service but also the pieces inside! 

 The box gets delivered through your letter box. Once you open the postage package, this gorgeous cardboard box with a little white bow falls out. I absolutely loved this packaging, so simple and elegant which, to me, is what Dolly BowBow is! 

Opening up the box you come across and little card inside. This talks through the pieces in side the box, for me it felt very personal and I liked that. On the other side is a gorgeous quote in gold which read 'Happiness is a Journey, not a Destination' another gorgeous touch. 

Opening up the pink tissue paper, you come across 4 white pouches. I love the detail and thought that gets put into get box. Inside each of the 4 pouches are the jewellery, I love that you can keep and store the pieces in the white pouches! 

 The first piece I came across was Gold Best Friends Necklace Set, this is such a lovely idea to be able to give your best friend something too! 

Gold Ornate Leaf Midi Ring, oh my goodness, I love this piece. Im not a massive jewellery person but this ring is just gorgeous. It fits well on all fingers so if you do have slightly smaller or larger fingers you should be good. 

Silver Deer Antlers Bracelet this is another very cute dainty piece. Absolutely love the little antlers very autumnal. Just gorgeous. 

Rose Gold Autumn Leaves Earrings, anyone that knows me knows how much I love rose gold so when I discovered these I fell in love. Again another gorgeous piece in the box. 

If the excitement from the last 4 pieces wasn't enough, underneath is the most gorgeous statement necklace! I find it really hard to find a piece that you can wear with most things and as this is a gold base necklace with tones of amber, mink, white and pearlised stones which just symbolise Autumn in one piece. I know that I will be wearing this a lot!! 

I am so impressed with everything in the box and I am very much converted into a jewellery kinda gal! If you haven't already go and have a lot at what gorgeous pieces are on the website. I know I will be getting more! 

Much Love 


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