The Zoooo....


Being a little girl i would always love going to zoo. Seeing all the animals would always amaze me and seeing the little baby animals that were so cute!!! I would always ask mum to take me at every chance and as i got older i lost the "wow' in going however today i went with my family!

As it was the most amazing thing ever! I thought i would share my little day with you and show some pictures of my day! (i took a lot of photos of elephants - my new favourite- so i say sorry for that!)

We were just wondering around taking photos (some are above) my little brother shouted 'babies babies' and like always we weren't listening until i spotted what he was shouting about and there were these most cutest little baby red river hog! I have never seen such cute animals in my life. Pictures are below of them!!

So after this we wondered over to see the elephant show and this is where i feel in love with them! I have never found an animal so cute and just lovely - even that does sound strange! The pictures below are of the little show they did! 

I hope you have enjoyed my little post about my day trip! if you want more of these kinda post then leave me a comment below!!

Hope you are all having a lovely day! 



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