When You Just Feel A Bit Down....


I woke you this morning feeling a bit crappy and sorry for myself ! So like a typical girl i stayed in bed until about 12! Then i realised something: me moping around in bed all day isn't going to do me any good! So i thought I'm actually going do something with my Saturday! So
i got up sorted myself out, painted my nails ( rose libertine - Rimmel) and did my make up!

The point to this little blog is that whenever your feeling down or upset about something, just try and take the positive out of the situation! you don't want to waste a day of your life when you only live once. Whether its what i did and treat yourself or hanging out with friends or a partner!

It will make you feel better straight away and remember don't let others ruin your mood! You are wonderful in your own way so don't let anyone say different!!

The quote below is on of my favourites and it my background on my phone! it really cheers me up when i read and speaks the truth to me!

If you like this blog let me know below and if you would like me to do some more blogs on feeling down,insecurities then just comment below!

Hope you are all having a lovely day!

Much Love


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