Once Apon A Time

I have been completely obessed with the TV show 'Once Apon A Time' For thoses who haven't seen it and have been living under a rock, its about fairy tale characters that have been stuck in the 'real' world because of a curse from the evil witch. I am only a few episodes into the first seasons so please no spoilers! 

The show really inspired me to create a fairytale nail paint and to me nothing sums up fairytales better then glitter and pale pastels! I went looking through my nail polish draw and pulled out a couple nude pinks and a course pink glitter polish. The pink glitter is actually from the Morgan Taylor Cinderella range so it just seem fitting! 

OPI - Sweet Memories
Morgan Taylor - Sweetest Thing 

Can we just take a second to see how gorgeous the Chroma notepads are, i am obsessed with mine! I hope you liked this fairytale inspired nail creation. 

Much Love 



  1. I absolutely adore Once Upon A Time. I've been watching it for a while now and its definitely one of my favourite TV shows! Such gorgeous nails, so subtle and pretty! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. I can not get enough of it lately! Ive only just started and love it a lot! Thank you :) x


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