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I have always been the type of person, who skin, growing up, was pretty good. I very rarely got spots and if I did they would be gone within a couple days. That has all seemed to change within that last 18 months or so, and with that my skin care has needed to adapt and change. 

Today I just want to share with you some products that I feel have helped clear up my pores and just keep the oiliness under control. Coming into colder weather by skin does tend to dry out a little anyway, so I'm sure my skin will change again within the next couple of months! 

Starting with, for me, the most important step removing all that make up. I do believe that using a too harsh product and/or sleeping in make up can be the first step to having problem skin. I always try to remove my make up either with the product i'm about to talk about or even just wipes if I'm a bit of a rush and sleepy!! 

I love The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter. This is perfect for removing all make up including eyes, your make up just melts off. I love the smell, the feel and how quick this is!! You only need a small amount, and lasts a very long time. By far my favourite way for removing my make up, which leaves my skin feeling super clean and fresh! 

After removing my make up I always like to cleanse my face again. Lately I've been using the Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Fix Cleansing Pads. I picked these up for a few reason, quickness and curiosity. I love these, they contain hyaluronic acid ( hydrates for plumper skin) salicylic acid (deep cleanses pores) dragon's blood (comforts + restores through skin hydration) I have found that using products that contain acid are super good for oily/spotty skin and they really do help to cleanse. They do say to use one pad morning and evening however I have just been using them in the evening. They really do what they say and I love them!! 

Every 3 days I use the Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial. 
Oh My God.
This product is amazing, its an Vitamin C based. This helps to brighten the skin as I have found that as my skin has been quite spotty it also comes across quite dull. This product is a must have and a great pick me up, or to use before an event. Really helps to smooth, hydrate and brighten skin! 

Moving onto a two treatment products one is a mask and another a serum. 

A deep cleaning mask is a must have for me. Origins Clear Improvement has been perfect, it contain active charcoal which helps to clear pores. When my skin is being particularly tricky, I always take time out in the evening and apply this. Again because of the charcoal base it just helps to drawn out toxins, dirt and clogged pores making the skin cleaner, brighter and just looking a bit more nicer! Clear Improvements mask is my go to when i'm having bad skin days, it really dose help to clean up spots and any excess oil as well. 

Finally a serum. This may be a bit of a strange product to use when suffering with oily skin, but the skin still needs to be hydrated! I love this Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment, this product works by balancing out excess oil while hydrating. This product does what it says and I love it for that. 

Overall I love to use acid based products to help deep cleanse and also charcoal to again help pull out all the guck and dirt. From these product being part of my skin routine it really has helped clear out my skin. However diet and drinking plenty water help as well!! 

Much Love 


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