A Few ASOS Gems

As we all know if you have been following me for a while now I love ASOS. The variety, the quality and the service is always amazing and I find myself on the site at the beginning of each month, ready to spend! This month was no different. I picked up quite a few pieces for when the weather turns a little bit colder as in England are summers never last as long as we would like! 

I love blouses and they are just perfect for when it getting just that little colder, they are brilliant to just throw on with a pair of jeans. 

Turtled neck jumpers, dresses and tops have been a must have last year and they are back for this year as well. I never really went into the trend last year however I stumbled across this gorgeous black turtle neck dress and I had to had it! Plus they do so many different colour.

Mustard. This colour is perfect for Autumn, I seemed to be drawn to it quite a lot over the last month or so. Two pieces that I have completely fallen in love with is this striped day dress and 3/4 length sleeve top. Both are perfect for Autumn, Winter!! 

Much Love 


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