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A while back Prairie Charms contacted me asking me whether I would be interested in there new monthly subscription. I had a look on there website to see what sort of pieces they offer and completely fell in love, I completely forget to blog about my last box. When they contacted me a few months ago about their second Laua party inspired box I just had to get my hands on one and share with you all the pieces. As they do just keep getting better and better!! 

This Prairie Charm box is inspired by Laua Party: so think blue oceans, andy beaches, cocktails and everyone we always dream off. 

The company also partnered up with other bands, to which they could share a piece from their own canopy inside this box.  

Lets get into the box itself!!

Just like the first box is arrives in a square cupboard box with the gorgeous Prairie Charms logo and flower sticker strip holding it all inside. Once you open up the box there is pink tissue paper holding all the gorgeous goodies that are containing in this months box. 

On a side the note the amount of glitter and sparkles that are also imbedded through the package is incredible!! 

Onto what you get inside: Sweet As Honey Studio 'Make a Mess' Confetti which is from the brand Sweet As Honey Studio, do check out their Website, Twitter and Instagram

From Prairie Charms themselves: Caterina 'No Snag' Knot Ties RRP £7.00, Acadia Tropical Punch Drink Set RRP £5.00 Hana Bow Tie Scrunchie RRP £7.50 Paloma Vintage Bead Drop Anklet RRP £12.00 Eda Bespoke Floral Lei RRP £50.00 Dakota Custom Nail Glitter RRP £6.50 Una Coconut S'more Snack Pack RRP £3.50 Faryn Hair Clips RRP£5.00

I love how theres boxes. The sell such a wide range from things on thee website so please do check them out if you haven't already! 

Much Love 



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