Favourites of August

Its crazy to be saying this is my August favourites, it feels like I'm saying good by to summer. However google has informed me that the end of Summer isn't until 22nd September, so we have time!! 

I have a real mixture of old loves and new discoveries. 

Starting the the old loves, I've been reaching for my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream this was a life saver on flights and long journeys. I can see myself using this even more as we get more into autumn and winter.  Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, again nothing new with how much I love this product! 

Moving more newer discoveries. In the month of August I bit the bullet and purchased the new addition to the Naked Palette collection - I have a whole post talking about it Naked Smoky - which I have been loving to use on my eyes this month! Another make up item that has been fabulous is the Benefit Porefessional, I honestly couldn't see the hype with this products but I made myself use it everyday and I must say how wrong I was, this primer is gorgeous!!

For hands and nails this month, I have been keeping it quite simple and classic. For moisture I have been loving The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil hand cream. This is just perfect for nourishing the hands and cuticles. I have been wearing gel nails quite a lot over the last couple of months, however when I don't have them I like to give my nails a break but still having them look nice and presentable. Essie Mademoiselle has been perfect for that classic look.   

A book favourite this month has to be Gone girl, I am about a quater through and loving it a lot. My plan is to read the book before I allow myself to watch the film. 

Last favourite for this month has to be my phone. I have found some great organising app for my blog as well a just loving all the social media. My phone to me is my own personal assistant. 

Its crazy how quickly this year is going! 

Much Love


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