Aussie Hair

I've always loved Aussie. The way it leaves my hair feeling and smelling is beyond gorgeous. 

Of course when I noticed Boots had a offer on, I knew I had to stock up. I also picked a few new bits up as well. 

Unfortunately, i'm not a natural blonde. My poor hair has to go through highlighting and a lot of heat. I need products that are going to protect my hair, nourish and just make it easier to get a comb through! 

The shampoo and conditioner is a re-purchase. I love love love this combo, they work perfectly. They really do nourish and hydrate, perfect if you do colour your hair or use a lot of heat. I normally get the smaller bottles, as the bigger bottles don't fit in my shower, however boots were doing 2 for £9 on the 500ml so of course I had to get them. 

Moving onto styling and finishing products. As my hairs getting longer, I've found it can get very tangled throughout the day. I noticed Aussie has a product which seems perfect. Miracle Recharge Luscious Long Conditioning Spray, so fingers crossed this will work. 

For a finishing product, I picked up their hairspray, mostly because it smells gorgeous!! 

Both of these products were on 2 for £6. Overall a bargain for such gorgeous products! 

Much Love 


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