Why Is Changing Your Skin Care So Important??

Why is changing up your skincare so important?? 

We all find products that we love and work wonders for our skin however a few months later they aren't doing the job and we are back wondering why and buying more products. 

I am always hearing ladies talk about how they have love and used a product for years but refuse to change it up as they feel like this product is still working for the skin. 

Why do products suddenly stop working for our skin? 

Our skin is always changing, whether that be through ageing, environmental or day to day factors. Anything from too much sun exposure to coffee lovers to busy mums. Our lives don't stay the same from the whole of out life so why do we seem to think that neither does our skin. Our skin grows and develops the same as we do. It changes just as we do so feeding it the right nutrients will help to continue give it that gorgeous healthy glow. 

A perfect way to keep up with your skin is just take some time out for it. whether that be booking in a facial at a salon or even popping to one of the skin care counters on your lunch break, the more we learn and educate ourselves the greater understanding we will have. 

For me my skin has got very spotty, oily since I turned 20. Im putting this down to hormones and day to day factors like air-con and a lot of coffee! 

A few products that I've found to really help just control this, first is a good exfoliation followed by a mask. I have been loving the Elemis Papaya Emyzme Peel and Elemis Herbal lavender Repair mask. I will use these twice a week.

Papaya Enzyme peel contain pineapple and papua which are natal acid to help exfoliate the skin, and also milk protein which helps to hydrated and sooth. I absolutely love this product, it works wonder specially if you have an event or a party, makes the skin look gorgeous! 

Herbal Lavender Repair Mask. The lavender in this is really good for healing, is also an anti-inflammatory so its going to target those spots to help reduce them down. Again this mask leaves the skin feeling so sooth and fresh without being too drying!! 

These two products have been my wonder products over the last month or so, and I love them. 

Sometines just changing a few products in your route can make all the difference. Remember your skin is always changing so think about what could be contributing to this, to help you feel like your skin is how it has always been. Healthy and radiant. 

Much Love


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