Where Have I Been??

Where have I been? Why did I stop blogging? What happened? 

Just a few questions that have been running through my mind over the last 4 months or so. Honestly I don't think I have the answers to any of them but what I do know is blogging was always my happy place and the whole community behind it.

Nearly 3 years ago I started this little blog, mostly because I love reading other blog and have a huge interest in the blogging/social media and beauty world but more importantly it made me forget what was going on in the 'real' world. Soon it became my happy place, a place I could share what I enjoyed, disliked and thoughts that were circling in my mind. 

Over the last 3 years, I've see the community grow at such a fast pace and honestly I got a little bit lost, in why I blog and what I enjoy about it. I was blogging about what was the 'trend' what was 'popular' to write about and I lost myself and my blog. It was no longer my happy place, I found it harder and harder to write what I thought, and in the end I stopped. 

Over the last couple of months I have been posting here and there, I lost my inspiration. I decided to take a little break from my blog and the blogging world. 

I've taken time out to find what inspires me, what I like, love and dislike but most importantly who I am! 

I suppose that answers why I'm writing this -for me - a very personally post. I am ready to catapult myself back into what I enjoyed and what was my happy place. 

So what now...?

For me I will not put myself under so much pressure, I will post what I like, what I enjoy and when I want to - however I will try to stick to a schedule of Mondays & Wednesday at 4pm. Most importantly to know that somedays I won't have the inspiration or the ideas to create a new blog post and thats okay. 

I will also be a lot more active on my social media accounts. I've been leaving twitter a lone a lot lately and I want to change that! So please if you haven't already follow me on my Twitter and Instagram

For now, 

Much Love 

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