How to Deal with Long Journeys!!

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Ever since I was little, we did long car journeys. We drove everywhere, so being trapped in the car for hours is something I'm used to. However getting older it becomes a lot more boring, the car journeys seem longer and I just didn't know what to do! 

Journeys are always long whether you are on a 10 hour plane flight, on a train journey or even a passenger in the car. I have a few tips that I do, to make it a bit less painful. 

I will always have a book, iPad and of course my phone with me. These just allow me to get lost in another world for a little bit and make the time pass a lot quicker. Headphones are always a must, just to block out all the noise that can come with travelling. 

Snacks and Drink
Food just makes everything better! I will always make sure I have snacks in my bag. I love dried fruit and packs of sweets. Anything sweet is good with me!! For a drink if I'm on a plane or in the car bottle water is my saviour but at any chance I can get a coffee there will be one in my hand!

Travelling is the time I feel most inspired, I tend to write down ideas, plan blog posts. Plus it makes the time disappear which is a massive bonus. 

Comfy Clothes
Being comfortable is a must for me. Oversized jumpers, scarfs anything to make me feel warm and cosy and maybe even have a nap! 
When flying I always take an extra pair of socks! 

Just a few of my little tips and ideas that makes travelling easier for me.

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