Packing for an Overnight Stay

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Overnight stays is the the time to pack lightly and this is something I'm not very good at. When it comes to packing I always stress out that I'm going to forget something.!

Over the years, I've realised what I do and don't need when when packing for night or two, I thought I would share with you what few tips and items that I always take away with me. 

A Few Must Have Items 
Small Suitcase, there is nothing worse then having to lug around massive suitcase or bag that weights a tonne. For me a small suitcase that has wheels is just perfect wether you are flying or hopping onto a train. 
Layering, taking few key pieces away and adding over sized scarfs, jumpers. Can really change an outfit without having to take your whole wardrobe with!! 
Travel Sized Products, these are amazing for travelling with. You can get travel sized products in most items from shampoo conditioner, body lotion, tanning, skin care, hair brushes! They are the perfect size that you end up using them all before you need to return and they save a lot of room in your suitcase. 
Books/phone/ipad, it can be pretty lonely if your in your hotel room alone or just fancy a bit of downtime. The channels on the TV are never as good so having entertainment is key for me. 

Packing what you actually need is so important when it comes to packing for a night. There isn't enough room in the suitcase to add in the 'just in case' items. I write down a list of everything I used day and night and by the time it comes to packing I know what I want to take and what I don't need to take. At the end of the day if I forget one product or a top its not the end of the world and if it is then there is mostly always a boots around the corner. 

Do you have any tips or items you like to pack then your away for a few days? 

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