What I Ate #1

Before I get into this post, I want to say a massive that you to Aly from  aleelilydesigns. For recreating my new blog and I love it to bites!! Do check her out if you are looking to re-design all or some of your blog, she always has her own blog as well. 

Moving onto today blog, this is the first of many What I Eat series. I am always so interested in what other eat - is that weird? 

Breakfast was actually eaten out at Breathing Space this is a spa just around the conner from me. They have a super healthy cafe which do healthy food, juice drinks and smoothies. I had fat free yogurt with granola and fresh fruit, banana which isn't pictured and a coffee! 

Lunch was super healthy for me today. Im trying to get back into my healthy diet/ fitness routine. I had a salad with tuna, feta, olives and dressing of balsamic vinegar. With a side of chilli baby beetroot which can I just say I am obsessed with and you need to try them.

Having said I am trying to get back into my health kick, I did have a slice of red velvet cake about half way through the afternoon. 

Dinner was one of my favourite all time meal - which I completely forgot to take a picture off! Beef goulash with sour cream and baked potato. For dessert I had a little bit of crumble and custard. To me a perfect way to end the day. 

Much Love 


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