Protecting Our Skin

With Summer in the air, i have done a completely re-freah from my wardrobe to my skin care. I am always changing my skin routine slightly with every season as i do believe that your skin does change with each season and lets be honest we wouldn't be walking around in a think knitted jumper in the middle of summer so why should your skin be the same. 

Not only should we let our skin breathe during the warmer months, it still need to be protected. This is something that i will hold my hands up and say i never remember to add an SPF into my skin routine and yes a lot of skin care brands are adding SPF into the products but i do believe we should be using an 30+ factors on our faces. There are loads of skin care brands that also do a SPF or you can just buy a cheaper one in your local boots. 

I have been hunting high and low to find some good SPF products that i could share with you today. As this is something i feel so strongly about, everyone should be wearing SPF as if you don't your skin is going to start showing first signs of ageing and sun damage. Let me honest no one wants that!! It is so easy to just pop and SPF into your everyday skin routine, and not just using it if its a bit sunny outside. As there are always sun rays around even if its raining and cloudy!

Below are just a few that I've found and loved. 

Vichy Ideal Soleil Velvety Face Cream SPF 50 £14.50

Claris Sun Care Milk-Lotion Spray UVA UVB 50 £19.50
Clinique Face Cream SPF 40 £18.00

All these sun protections can be used for all skin types even sensitive. So there is no excuse this summer! 

Much Love 



  1. Living in Australia, SPF is definitely our best friend, not only on our faces, but on our lips too!

    M + K

    1. Yes I'm sure it is, being in England its one thing we aways forget - having really bad weather all the time



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