Lazy Sunday

If you are from the UK then you will know that it was Fathers Day yesterday. To celebrate Fathers Day and Dads Birthday we had a good old family BBQ which contained a lot of tapas, burgers, wine, and cake! Half way through the afternoon we got all the old photo albums out and had a good laugh at some lovely 80's hair and how we used to dress as little children in the 90's. This to me was my favourite part of the day! Once all the food had been eaten we got out dads birthday cake - which was shaped as a sheep! 

To end the evening we all sat around the firebowl and just chilled for the rest of the evening. Below are just a few photos that sum up the day for me, I hope you enjoy! 

Much Love 


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  1. This looks so yummy! Hope you had a lovely day!:')
    Eleanor x


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