My New Love

I am such a nail polish hoarder, and very rarely full in love with one nail polish however this has happened I have fallen in love with a nail polish!!! It was just too good for me not to tell you all about it so here goes: 

Please excuse my chubby fingers!!! 

This is a Bourjois So Laque Glossy Nail Polish, and my first polish I have ever tried from Bourjois, as I have previous said I absolutely love it. You will need to build the polish up to about 2-3 coats as it does go on fairly sheer but when its drys it gives a gorgeous glossy finish. I always apply a top coat to any polish but I reckon you could skip with step as you get a lovely finish without. It does claim to stay put for 10 days but I honestly don't wear polish for that long so I'm not too sure on how well it wears, but for the fours days I've been wearing this it hasn't chip at all!! 

I do love this polish - if you hadn't of guessed by now - and will properly be my autumn staple colour, I hope you enjoyed this post and are having a lovely Tuesday!! 

Much Love 


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