Little Week Away

If you follow me on social media you would know that i have been away last week to the Yorkshire Dales. This is a great place to just sit and enjoy life without the hassall of social media and general day to day life and course to spend sone quilty time with family. I wanted to share some of my favourite bites and bobs from the last week and as i took way to many photos i think i may split it into two posts. 

We drove up on the Saturday, we didn't get into the cottage till about 5 ish so that evening we spend unpacking and eating pizza however we did pop into the nearest town called Reeth and has some of the best nice cream!

Cute Hosres next to our cottage

Shameless Selfie

Rasberry Ice Cream

The next day dad had booked for us to have a Sunday Carvey at one of the locals pub called The Punchbowl. The food was just so lovely and scrumsous, i had roast beef with all the trimmings and then for pudding i had the Vinilla and Rasberry Creme Brule which was properly the best bit! For the rest of the day we just lazed around in some sort of food coma at the college.

Roast Beef

Creme Brule 

 Monday was the annal Reeth Show, this is a show were the local community come together for a good day out. My best bit of the day was watching all the horse competions as this is one thing i wish i kept up when i was younger, there was lots of other things going on such as sheep judging, sheep dog herding, wall building and the list could go on! Tuesday we went for a walk around the area we were staying at. 

Throughout the whole week we saw lots of these old fashioned cars, i think there might have been some sort of show going on. 

I hope you enjoy all the photos, i had to pick my favourite ones as i did take way to many, the rest of the photos will be up in my next post. Make sure you follow me on all the social media as if I'm not blogging i'll be on there for sure! 

Much Love 


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