Little Week Away Part II

If you haven't seen my Little Week Away then you wouldn't know that last week I was away in the Yorkshire Dales with my family, all the pictures from the first half on the week is on my previous post. This little post will be all the final pictures of the week so I hope you enjoy and my next post will be a more beauty/fashion post! 

Wednesday we went to a historical market town called Barnard Castle. This was such a pretty little town, with some gorgeous old buildings. We spend the morning wondering around the castle before a midday coffee break after this we did a bit of wondering around the shops some cute unique shops to the market that was on! 

We thought we would go and have a wonder around the museum that was there however we were very surprised to see that the museum was actually in an old manor house (I think the queen had some connections to it) unfortunately the dog was not allowed in the museum so dad and my brother had to wait outside while we went and had a look around! Inside it was mostly full of galleries, pottery and fashion. 

When we are all reunited with each other we ended back to where we were staying and stopped off for some afternoon tea!

Thursday we went for another little walk to find a waterfall however we got a bit lost and managed to just do a big circle completely missing out the waterfall!! 

Friday was are last full day in the Dales and we decided to do a bit of a family tradition. The farm. We have gone to the farm every year since I was very little and even though we are by far the oldest ones there we do still enjoy it as much as we did when we were about 3! We missed the first tour by 10 minutes when we got there so we decided to go for a little walk around the area baring in mind this is a walk we have done before, we got lost again and cut out a massive chuck of the walk! 

After a little drink in the local pub we made our way over to the farm. We were lucky enough to have our own little tour, in the tour we could to see chicks hatch, meet the pig and piglets, feed goats and cows and meet the farm dogs. It was just a lovely day out! 

I hope you have enjoyed this type of post, like I said there will be a beauty/fashion type of post up Saturday. Make sure you are following me on Bloglovin to keep up to date with all my blog and if I'm not blogging i will be on my Twitter and other social media! 

Much Love 


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  1. Gorgeous photos! That sucks your brother and dad had to wait outside... But how how nice that they stayed instead of making you and your mom wait outside :P



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