Woods, Wet Dogs and A Farm

Woods, wet dog and a farm nothing better on a hot summer day. 

Theses woods mean a lot to me as this is where we used to come a lot when we were three little carefree children and of course to wonder around the 100 Aker Wood just too see a glance of Winnie the Pooh and his friends (still to this day I haven't see him) When mum told us that we were going back for a cute family day out I was rather excited. 

The whole place as a really lovely atmosphere and the view over the lake is just stunning with the sailing boats on one side and the woods on the other. It was full off little children hoping to catch a glance of Winnie The Pooh, running around in a little bubble of imagination and fantasy - I miss being little.

Of course with the three of us still believing we are little again we just had to drag mum around the farm, this was so different to how I remember it. It is must bigger now and you are also able to feed the animals which to me is always the best bit - also being able to go onto an old fashioned tractor!! 

We finished our lovely day out with a picnic and a walk around the lake. I had such a lovely time and I hope you can see just how much I love it here through the pictures that are below. I would love to know what your favourite  places are so comment below. 

Much Love 



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