Was It Worth It? | Holiday Edition

When it comes to packing for a holiday away whether its for a couple of days or a couple of weeks I can't help myself but buy new skin care and beauty bites to try as well as taking away any samples thats have been collecting for the last couple of months. 

If you follow me on any social media, you would know that I have been away to Deia, Majorca for the last week. There will be a whole post just focused to that with lots of holidays snaps. I may have over done it with the 'what new bites can i take away'. I thought this would make a perfect blog post to let you guys now what i thought of some of the full sized and samples i took with me. 

Starting with skin care, I do normally just take away my everyday skin care routine with me. There was just a few bits that I picked up and also a sample that I took with me. The few things that I picked up were the Nip & Fab Dragons Blood Fix Cleansing Pads and Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm. The lip balm I loved and used everyday while away and will carry on using till its all gone however the cleansing pads I used once and didn't for the rest of the trip and I think these will just be one that will sit in my bathroom cabinet. I got given a sample of the ESPA Optimal Skin ProDefence, I was a little in two minds about taking this away as i do already use SPF on my face but I took it away anyway and fell in love with this product, its super light weight absorbs quickly. I tended to use this more when I was wearing a face of make up just down to the fact of how lightweight it felt on my skin. 

Moving onto body care, I always seem to have so many samples or things i want to try in this section,  just a few that I took away with me was a sample of the balance me Revitalising Hand and Body Wash, The Body Shop Body Butter in Pink Grapefruit. I also was very excited to try the Venus Snap Grazer. Starting with the two samples one I loved and the other not so much. I love the Pink Grapefruit Body Butter, the smell is literally to die for. It gorgeous! I will be buying everything they do in the scent! Moving onto the balance me Body Wash like I said I wasn't too excited about this. The scent is gorgeous and refreshing and I love how natural the product is but for me the downside was that it just didn't foam up and feel like it was cleaning you. Another product that I loved was the Venus travel razor, I think who ever invented this needs a pay raise! I love how compact it is, perfect for travel and you get a full razor head which is surrounded in hydrating lotion. Gives a super close shave and leaves the skin feeling soft and sooth! 

I aways go over board when it comes to the make up. I always have to taken everything I know i'll need plus everything I properly won't need. I am just going to show you a few bits that I loved and just one that I just completely didn't. I loved the Porefessional Primer, high beam both by benefit and a little sample of the ESPA Naturally Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. 

I tended not to wear a lot of make up when I'm on holiday however the days I knew there would be a lot of photos taken I would apply just a little amount. The reason why I loved the porefessional primer was the days I would wear make up my base would not move at all even in 38 degree heat. I was amazed! Benefit high beam is gorgeous it just gives that slight shimmer and highlight to the cheekbones and nose without looking glittery I loved it and it will be coming away with me on every holiday. Lately the ESPA Tinted Mositurizer this was perfect on those no-make up days, it gave a gorgeous cover, stayed on throughout the day and didn't not go patching when bronzer or powder was applied over the top. I will be buying the full size for sure! Love it! 

One thing make up wise that I didn't like so - which pains me to say - is the Soap & Glory Archery D-I-Y Brow Bar. This product looks perfect for a holiday as the compact includes everything you would need for shaping, perfecting, highlighting and taming. It comes with two brow shades a light and medium, as I get my hair highlighted I always go for lighter shades but the lightest shade was way to dark and my brows didn't look natural. 

Overall I was pretty happy with all my re-discoveries and either will continue to use them up and/or purchase the full size. 

Much Love 


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