Autumn Wishlist

It might sounds like I'm wishing the Summer away, talking about Autumn but in the UK you always have to be ready as one day it will be very sunny and warm then next its snowing!! 

The transition into Autumn is my favourite time of year; with the leafs changing colours, the slight chill in the year and the fact start bucks starts to bring out all there Autumn drinks - I still need to try the pumpkin spice latte! I love to have an tradition with my wardrobe as well. 

I have been searching the web - not just ASOS this time - for some good key pieces that can take me through this transition stage. 

Roll necks, blouses, knitted jumpers, prints and capes! 

I feel like all theses pieces are gorgeous for laying with each other on those specially chill days or not when the sun is still shining bright. Not only will theses be perfect but they can also take you through into Winter and Spring, to me they are must haves and good key pieces!

Much Love 


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