An End of Another Year....

An end of another year, yes you heard me correctly. Can you believe it 2014 is nearly over? What a crazy year its been, its had its ups and down but mostly i have learned a lot from my little blog and other bloggers as well as personal things. 

I feel like this year, myself and my blog has really opened up into the bloggers community. I didn't realise how friendly and supporting other bloggers are and have been over the last year. The blogging community really is a great support foundation for bloggers wanting to venture into the Youtube world (i have been thinking about it myself) or just for a good old chat over fashion and beauty! 

Im honestly very proud of my little blog this year, i feel like i know where i am and what i want to do with my blog. I want to go down the more fashion routine with doing more outfits looks, hauls and how to style posts, theses are the ones I've most enjoyed this year and the ones i love doing all the prep for! Saying that i will still be doing the beauty side as well but it will hopefully be more fashion base. I really hope in the next year to grow and expand, honestly just see whats happens as like I've said before its my little happy place, somewhere to remove myself from the real world. 

Plans for 2015: like I've previously mentioned i would really just like to go more into doing more fashion posts, i want to stick to my little plan of uploading three times a week as i know i like to know when the people i read or watch upload! lTo just interact more with other bloggers and get a little deeper into the commintuty as i feel this year i have barely touched the sides. Mostly i just want to enjoy living every day as it comes and take me photos (as i got a fancy new camera for christmas ooooh yeah buddy)

One of the hightlights of this year was when i along with other fashion bloggers got ask to trail out a new fashion app called Styleicona back in the summer, this alone was a massive achievement for me. Just the fact the i was chosen to trail a fashion app like seriously!!! I absolutely love this app and has been properly one of my favourite app of this year. Not only was this a highlight but on the 10th October i was Styleicona of the Day for the app, this was just amazing!! 

I would just like to say a massive thank you for this year and everyone that has been reading my blog throughout the year. I hope you all have a lovely evening and a happy new year! I shall see you in the new year with a skin care post. For now on have a lovely night! 

Much Love 


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